Thursday, November 6, 2008

Politics Overdose

Working in DC during the elections is no walk in the park. Two weeks before the big day, radio and TV stations were constantly and irritatingly airing numerous political ads. People at work were debating, asserting and reasserting the parties they belong to. It is so SICKENING. At home, I've tried to avoid watching TV or reading any materials that ventilate politics; work is a different story. Thankfully, I found this channel that airs old TV shows like "Magnum P.I.," "The A-Team," and "Knight Rider," and they don't show political ads at all. These days, it's the only channel I watch. I think there is such thing as "politics overdose."


  1. Yes, I think that's what they call "Election fever." A fever reaching 40 degrees. :)
    Hang in there kayni... :)
    Have a great weekend ahead!


  2. I am sure you're Glad it's over! Just take your rest, the politics hangover will soon evaporate.

  3. Watching 80s shows will definitely take your mind off politics. hehe. I used to watch Magnum PI. That's actually a good show. The A-Team and Knight Rider are worth watching for their cheese and nostalgia value. hehe

  4. omg. knight rider. hahahaa! i haven't seen that in ages!

  5. This early, politicians in this part of the world are already making their presence felt--whether through blogs, "public service" ads, posters, endorsements (including, would you believe, detergents and food supplements) and what have yous. And election year is still two years away!

  6. hehe, exactly kj's thoughts. he told me that if he were in america, he would never tune in to a tv show talking about the politics. no matter how much you like your candidate, it gets annoying after more than a year of listening. :D

  7. kg, have a great weeekend too. thanks.

    sheng, oh yes, i am super glad. it really gets on your nerves at some point.

    wil, i love the old shows. Magnum PI really makes me miss Hawaii so much.

    caryn, "knight rider" was one of the shows i liked when i was young and even now.

    anna, i saw an ad about loren legarda doing a commercial on some "skin whitening" drug. i couldn't believe it.

    swann, kj is right. i have come to a point where i can't stand any mention of politics or candidates. too bad my firm has to deal with the transition. i feel trapped.

  8. The past month I tried not to browse NY Times. All the alerts I was getting through email were election-related. Except that after the election, I of course read the full text of his speech.

    I'd love to watch some episodes of these good old shows. I've already mentioned to you that my TV time when I was a kid was incidentally limited. I was so ignoramus of the old shows. I'd love to catch up, whenever possible. =)

  9. wits, i still haven't read Obama's speech, but i've read some good "quotes." i was quite impressed with McCain's concession speech.

    ah, yes, the good ol' shows in the 80s. after all these years, i still love them. i hope you'll get a chance to see them too.

  10. hehe, and here I was glued to the Fox News channel :) (well, it's partly because I haven't had any tv for the last four months.)