Thursday, February 5, 2009


It is so quiet, too quiet. My boss is out-of-town, somewhere where there's beach, rum, and sun. Most of my colleagues are cooped in their offices. It must be the cold weather that makes people weary and frustrated. I intentionally came in late this morning. There isn't much to do, but knowing myself, I'll probably start reorganizing my files - again. I think I just did that two weeks ago. It's my nature.

Don't get me wrong. I relish these moments of peace and quiet. I know things will pick up again soon. We're getting new commissioners in place, a new hire will be starting after Valentine's Day, and we're all adjusting to the new advocating policies. This is a period of transition.

It's nice to have these relaxed moments at work. I'll cherish it while it lasts. I suggest you do too.


  1. i love these quiet and alone moments...they are rare for me kasi. :)

    happy weekend kayni!

  2. Kg, I think I spoke too soon. Right after posting that entry, I got a call from the boss for a big project...grrr.