Friday, February 13, 2009


It was as usual a crowded morning train to work. I usually read the news or listen to my iPod, but today I decided to close my eyes and take a power nap. When you close your eyes during a train ride, your hearing gets heightened. As I began to lull in the the train's humming noise, I happen to overhear a young couple talking about Valentine's Day. I tried to refuse the urge to eavesdrop, but the conversation was just too interesting.

Guy: So, what would you like or like to do for Valentine's Day?
Girl: Oh, anything, maybe flowers and a dinner.
Guy: Ok, where do you want to go?
Girl: How about that restaurant at Dupont?
Guy: That sounds good. I'll make reservations.
Girl: Why are you asking me what I want? A surprise would be nice.
Guy: Aaa...
Girl: You men are so different. It would have been nice if you surprised me.
Guy: Aaaa...

At this point, I was chuckling and roaring with laughter inside. I immediately opened my newspaper and pretended to read the comics section and pretend to laugh at the "Pearls Before Swine" section. After my amusement, I really don't know what happened to their conversation, but when I got off my stop, they were getting off too. They kissed and wished each other a good day at work. As the guy walked away, the girl just stood there watching him, as if she won't see him for a year or more. I walked to my office and started writing this post.

I wish everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day.


  1. What a funny and sweet story. :-)

    Well I guess the guy doesn't want to make any mistakes in celebrating Valentine's that why he let the girl choose the venue and what she wants to do on Valentine's. But then again, it would've been a lot sweeter if it was a surprise. I bet the guy will surprise him on Valentine's 2010. ;-)

    Happy Hearts to you!

  2. Dyosa, I'm really hoping this guy will surprise her next I guess he learned a lesson there. Thank you for visiting.

  3. Hehe, that is funny! If she really wanted to be surprised why didn't she just say "surprise me" instead of actually picking somewhere? :-D

  4. "Dyosa, I'm really hoping this guy will surprise her next year"

    well...i hope they're still together next year...he! he!

    but the girl is right, men are different from women.


  5. what if... a surprise is actually brewing? i mean, he wants to surprise the girl by making her not think of any surprises at all?

    maybe he has a super romantic plan after all? hehehe.

  6. bevchen, I had a feeling they're just newly dating, so part of her wanted things to be right but the other half wants to be

    kg, Men think differently, and women are

    eks, You could be right. Maybe he has other plans that night. We'll never know. Maybe he has a surprise for her waiting after all.

  7. sometimes it is better to ask what she specifically wants than to be dejected once you see how she reacts to your surprise hahaha
    You know how women are, we can be quite fickle sometimes!

    Happy Hearts Day, Kayni :)

  8. woww, that was really sweet!!... yes,it made me realize... there are different kinds of men.

    It's kind of strange, my ex always asked me what I would want during special occasions. I think he was just being careful not to disappoint me with something I wouldn't want.. either that or he has not much imagination by being a bit creative by surprising me!

    But my other ex is just the opposite, he doesn't usually ask. He just 'surprises' me.. but then more often than not, I receive something I don't need or don't prefer to have...

    So I think balance is good, a little imagination and a little surprise would be best.. and I think that's not too much to ask..:-) hehe

  9. Daphne, I agree. I think he was playing safe.

    Artemis, So interesting when we remember about the past. Indeed, a good balance is sometimes needed.

  10. Haha. The girl was looking at him as if she's not gonna see him for a year or so. Maybe she has a feeling that this would be their last Valentine's together. Lol.

    Sometimes men need to balance the element of surprise and predictability for women. For dining out, I prefer not to be surprised. =)

  11. What a sweet and funny story... Hope you enjoyed your day! Hugs, xx

  12. Wits, I agree - balance is the key. And that it is sometimes better to know where you're going especially for dining purposes.

    Lailaa, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Hope you had a great day too.