Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So "Ono"

This is a late post on a new restaurant I visited last weekend. It's an Asian-Pacific restaurant called Ono Grill. It caught my attention because of the word "Ono." Ono in Hawaiian means "really good" or "delicious" in terms of food. Anyway, I looked at their menu and they have some Hawaiian dishes that I'm familiar with, so off I ordered.

The minute I sat down, I was served with these lovely crispy sesame crackers, but what really got my taste buds was the mango butter. It went perfectly with the crackers, and it tasted like mango ice cream.

Picture0084.jpeg, originally uploaded by Ewa Girl.
The sushi was okay, as I've tasted better. My favorite is the grilled unagi (eel). I also ordered a pot of green tea with my meal.

Picture0086.jpeg, originally uploaded by Ewa Girl.
The pork kalua is traditionally served during luaus (parties), and this one in particular was moist but not that tender. There was a difference in the taste though, and I think it comes from the preparation. If you know how a kalua pig is made, I'd say this one was made in an oven or some sort, unlike how it's done in Hawaii, which involves the whole pig, cooked in an imu [underground oven] for at least two days. I really was impressed with the mac salad, but I would have preferred my kalua pork shredded finer and a bit saltier.

Picture0085.jpeg, originally uploaded by Ewa Girl.
Still, the food was "ono" for Maryland standards, but not for my Hawaiian taste buds. I still want to try their other dishes though.


  1. you know, i need to get my appetite ack and your pics got me on the "start" mode! he! he!

    have a great day kayni! :)

  2. That mango butter is interesting. I've never seen nor tasted one before. Hmmm..I wonder if I can find it here.

  3. Kg, I hope you'll get your appetite back. You need to eat in order to get your strength back. Take care, and you have a great day.

    Josiet, It was my first time to taste mango butter too, and I was impressed.

  4. Hi Kayni.. great photos! I've only tasted one hawaiian dish before. It's called grilled mahi-mahi. Hawaiian foods are kinda interesting.. I think it resembles our food a lot. ^^

  5. I've never tasted an eel yet. Does it taste like the normal fish?

  6. Kayni, wow! Just wow, those foodies look great, i might as well check out some eel dishes here on the nearby Chinese/Japanese resto.

  7. Emma, Yes, grilled mahi-mahi is also good. Their taste is very similar. Because in Hawaii, Hawaiians love Filipino food as well.

    Wits, I'd say yes. It is similar to normal fish, but the ones they'd put on sushis are quite tasty especially when grilled.

    Sheng, Yes, do try some Japanese food too. I know you love your Thai, but Japanese and Chinese food too have really good dishes.

  8. I want a taste of that mango butter! I hope there's something like that here. :)

  9. I havent tried unagi. I've been to lots of jap resto but this unagi...I am avoiding it. hahaha

    Pero sige, next visit I'll try it. :)

  10. Mordsith, I was really surprised with the mango butter combination. It tasted really good.

    Jeanny, Try mo yong unagi. I really like it.