Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Update

My three-day weekend is coming to a close...sigh. The thing is, there'll be no holiday for the next three months, so it will be a long stretch. Thinking about it is exhausting me. I really should move to a country that has more holidays. If you live in one, let me know.

Anyway, I spent Sunday with these three (photo above). I have no complaints because we had quality time. I also organized my photos and saved them on disks, which is a relief because some photos got corrupted. I really don't know what happened. I've probably just been careless, but I'm hoping my Mom won't chew me; it's her Monticello vacation album.

Today, I went to see my Hematologist, and I'm so disappointed because my Platelets were in the 40s. I kind of suspected it will be low because I've been feeling fatigued. I just didn't expect it to be as low as this. I was in the 70s three months ago, and I can't still figure out how it went to 40. This is like riding a roller coaster, and it's been this way for the past three years. What's really frustrating is not knowing what's causing my condition. My doctor said not to worry, but still, I can't stop worrying. Who wouldn't?


  1. Thanks to all the comments left here, but something went awry on my computer and I can't seem to publish them.

    Thank you so much for leaving all the comments. They're all appreciated.

  2. kayni! huge chocolate! mmm! ;-)

  3. Caryn, You know, that giant bar is gone...he he he.

  4. I love Music & Lyrics! Add The Holiday and Love Actually in your list too. :-)

  5. Dyosa, Yes, I have "The Holiday" too. I still have to purchase "Love Actually." These are the type of movies I could watch over and over again.