Saturday, March 28, 2009

Of Women And Heartaches

March was about heartaches. I say "was" because I think it's about time to put it behind. In the past two weeks, three of my women friends simultaneously got dumped by the "supposedly" love of their lives. It was a drama marathon. I was occupied consoling all three of them through all technological means possible - text, chat, phone, skype, e-mail and e-cards. It was more than I could handle. I truly understand exactly what they're going through especially the inexplicable physical body pains, the emotional turmoil, the psychological confusion, the non-stop crying and self blame. I kept telling them that "they'll be alright" and that "they're going to get through this," but I do know that none of my encouraging words are getting through. Because right now, the shock hasn't worn off and all they feel is that intense pain and the fear of being alone. I know, I've been there.

To my friends and whoever out there going through the same thing, there is hope and that you will get through this. This too shall pass.

Sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes the light. ~Jean Giraudoux


  1. when i went through the hardest breakup ever, i was comforted by my father... "isangit mo anak"... because all of a sudden, i went home for a 2-week vacation leave. they didn't hear anything from me. i just kept quiet. nobody asked me anything. they just knew. coz that guy? they didn't like him but i fought for him... only to realize he was cheating on me...

    so after then, every relationship i had, i always shared things with my dad... i became stronger... and i got thru breakups easily--- because of my family....

  2. In times like these no amount of words can compensate for the pain they're feeling but your presence and support means a lot to them. You're right, they'll eventually get through this. We don't know when but while they're moping, have your presence felt all the time. What they need now is a friend. :)

  3. it's hard to be the shock absorber of 1 friends...pero three! grabe! that can also be emotionally draining for you! hope are you keeping up? :)

  4. That's true no matter how you try to comfort them and to give the wisest words of wisdom, it would still hurt because that's a phase. But absolutely, having friends around (physically or not) during someone's "lowest low" would mean a lot. I've been through that, too - as the one being consoled and vice versa.

    That, too, shall pass.

  5. It is nice of you to be there for your friends during those painful times of terrible anguish. They need all the support they can get.

    I like that saying by Jean Giraudoux. There is always hope!

  6. wow, all three of them at once? that's tough. that happened to one of my friends once and i found it hard to prop her up. she got through it eventually (fortunately).

    time heals all wounds. that line may seem trite and lame to some, but i think that we're all equipped with an internal healing mechanism that gets us through the roughest times.

  7. jehan, you're dad sounds like a supportive, wonderful person. you're so lucky.

    lene, i am trying my best to be the listener to my friends especially this tough times...phew. it's tough, but hopefully it will get better.

    kg, i feel a bit drained, but i know that i'm needed right now. all these three friends were supportive when i went through the same thing. i just didn't expect that all three would go through a break-up in the same month.

    wits, yes, it will pass...sigh =)

    daphne, certainly, we should never lose hope.

    onyxx, i agree. time does heal all wounds. i'm walking proof.

    sheng, thank you. =)

  8. Kayni, a lot of people needs someone like you. You're just awesome to do simple gestures and encouraging words like that.

  9. What a month huh? You're such a good friend, consoling all three of them. Some friend just want to ditch the drama thing :)

  10. Hi Eden, Thank you. I try my best to be helpful.

    Josiet, Yes, this month was both heavy and enlightening. I am learning so many things.

  11. no matter how good the words are and how are they comforting, when you are in this kind of situation, nothing really matters, really. but at the end of the day, you'll be glad that there are people who still care despite of what happened.