Thursday, March 5, 2009

Part II: Winter Shots

Here's a few more winter shots I took this Monday. My favorite is the neighbor's boy enjoying the snow. I guess he was happy because school was canceled. Here he is all bundled up.
Winter wonderland? Really, it doesn't feel like a wonderland when you have to walk through snow in order to get to work. Also, driving in this type of weather is really dangerous. I've witnessed a lot of cars just sliding off the roads causing major accidents.
This is my un-shoveled path to work.
Icy cushions anyone?
Winter country setting...that's the famous cabin where parties are held every summer.

Farewell winter. Welcome spring!
I really hope spring will arrive S-O-O-N.


  1. the picture of the cabin looks like a postcard!:)

    happy weekend kayni!

  2. when i saw the first picture, i felt sad. during those days, how i wish people will just have to stay inside their house and catch up more zzzzzzzzz.

  3. ahh! seeing this pictures makes me wants to go back to Alaska!!

    nice pictures :)

  4. Josiet, I was actually thinking of sitting on those =).

    Kg, I love that photo too. Happy weekend.

    Blue Rose, It was much better when I was in college. I looked forward to having a snow day = no

    Jackie, Thank you for the visit. Alaska is a beautiful place.

  5. The icy cvushions are lovely, i bet when you sit on it, it'll give that cold cozy feeling, hehehe...

  6. Sheng, It would be nice if the icy cushions would It's just going to be cold.

  7. nice pictures here Kayni. oh, it's spring and i haven't posted my winter shots yet for my family to see, haha...

  8. Could you do something to import that snowy climate here to sunny Pinas? I'm melting already in this heat and summer is not my fave season at all. Yuck!

  9. Jehan, Hurry and post your winter photos before spring takes

    Daphne, If we could only, but I wouldn't like too much heat as well.

  10. wow. that is so winter.. when is spring coming over there. lucky boy having a snow day :) i love snow days too but we didn't get any close to that amount of snow here.
    hope the sun shines soon your part of the world.

  11. playing on the snow seemed happy, but i guess having snow in everyday activities is an arduous task. it must have annoyed several times? :)

  12. Toni, I would have been happy if I was that boy, but if you're working, there's no such thing as snow day.

    Mordsith, You're so right - I've been annoyed a few times with the snow. It really makes my commute harder. I still do love playing with the snow though. It brings out the kid in you - same with rain.