Monday, March 23, 2009

Simulated Explosion In D.C.

I have to say that living in DC can be a blast especially when a movie or TV series is filming in the area. There's an existing e-mail/text system that alerts citizens of which roads or bridges are closed or blocked on certain days and hours. Just like today, we got an e-mail alert from The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Office of Public Affairs stating that:

"Simulated Explosion: The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Office of Public Affairs advised that there will be a simulated explosion on Wednesday, March 25th, between 0930 and 1200 hours near the Key Bridge in DC that will produce a 20- to 30-foot fireball that should last approximately 2 minutes."

According to, this simulated explosion is going to be used for a new CBS action series called "Washington Field." I have not heard of this new pilot, but I am quite excited to see this fireball.


  1. DC is indeed a very busy and exciting place. I hope to visit in the future.

  2. Wits, DC has a lot of things to offer - including free museums. This is one place you could hop from one museum to another without a fee.

  3. does DC get a lot of those things? then the local residents probably don't like it.. imagine having traffic problems all the time due to hollywood? hmm but i guess they pay the city a huge sum of money for all the trouble they cause.

  4. I've only been to DC once and I instantly fell in love with the museums and the pretty and colorful houses. I even told my sister that if I'll ever migrate to the US, I'll live in DC.