Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekend To Do List

I am ready for the weekend. This week felt longer than it should, and that I am simply uninspired and bored. I have a few things that I really need to do, so I need to get my act together.
  1. I am currently on an apartment hunt. My lease won't expire until December, but I just want an early look at what other apartments are like. This task won't be easy during the fall and winter months, so it's best to do it now.
  2. I need to pick up some seeds for my balcony garden which means potted plants. I would like to keep my balcony green this spring and summer. I am thinking of planting a mixture of herbs, vegetables, and flowers.
  3. I have to pick up another bookcase for my other books.
  4. I need to organize my home office. I've simply been throwing stuff around and now I can't find some of my tax documents.
  5. I am in need of comfort food, so I need to look at my recipe collection. Hmmm...what to cook, what to cook? I'm still thinking.
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I have a suggestion! pasta! :)

  2. wow! a new apartment! inform us if you indeed transfer homes. :)

    happy weekend kayni!

  3. are you in the mood for siomai? yum yum.. :)

  4. I'm typing this while eating a choco cake (and availing of free wifi in Galler), that's my suggestion for a comfort food or chicharon or sisig? :) goodluck on apartment scouting, that's very difficult here in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Moving in and out is exciting and tiring at the same time. Enjoy your weekend! (half of mine is already consumed)

  5. It'll be a busy week ahead, I assume. Good luck on your apatment hunting. And oh, I'm kinda excited about your garden, I myself wanted to plant herbs and veggies. :)

  6. mordsith, you know, spaghetti did crossed my mind. thank you =).

    kg, happy weekend too. yes, i'll keep everyone informed if the move takes place.

    angeli, i haven't had siomai in a while. great idea.

    wits, i like the hunting part, but to physically box things and move them is a headache. choco cake is tempting, i might get one for dessert. i also thought of making the sisig, but i was debating where to get the i hope you have a great weekend.

    lene, you know, i actually did a drawing of how my balcony will look like. that's how excited i am. hopefully, it will be a better potted gardening this year than last year.

  7. I'd like to see the drawing of your planned balcony. =)

  8. comfort food, carbonara is what i have in mind!

  9. oh i will also be doing some planting and buying some plants this week.

    what about adobo or sinigang? yummy - real comfort food for me.

  10. Wits, It was a very bad

    Sheng, Uy, I love carbonara.

    Toni, I was just thinking of sinigang, but then I decided to go pasta.