Sunday, May 3, 2009


I made some fried sweet potatoes this afternoon, and the aroma of the sizzling sweet potatoes reminded me of my favorite childhood snacks. Growing up in a farm, we had all sorts of readily available vegetables, fruits, poultry and root crops. In the afternoons, Dad would tend to our sweet potato patch. He would dig up five to 10 sweet potatoes which he'll either fry or boil. For the fried ones, I love to eat them while they're warm and crispy on the edges, and the boiled ones, I like to mash flat then top it with butter. Dad also loved to make guinitaan. Our house would smell so good as the sweet potatoes, banana, tapioca and other ingredients simmer in coconut milk and sugar. We, the children, would start gathering around the table ready with bowls and spoons as the sweet smell of the coconut milk permeate the entire house. We'd talk about our favorite TV shows and sometimes school as our stomachs rumble in hunger and delight.

Remembering all these has made me a bit homesick. I think it's because of the steady rain that hasn't let up since this morning. As I now eat my crispy fried sweet potatoes, my homesickness eases with every bite.


  1. i love ginataan! kayni, you made me drool! he! he! i'll pass by the carenderia later and buy some! yum!

  2. and just this morning i was reminiscing about the bad times. your post reminded me that it's better to remember the good times, instead. thank you, kayni.

  3. *hugs hugs hugs* Thank goodness for food bridging the gap :)

  4. Did you fry it with sugar? =)

    With or without sugar I love fried sweet potato! In fact, I am craving for one right now. Must go to the grocery later =)

  5. The weather really has something to do with the behavior. And the rain I agree brings up homesickness (occasionally). I honestly think you have great talent in descriptive writing. You don't need a photo to convey it. Keep it up!

    I miss boiled potatoes to be dipped in sugar.

  6. kg, i love ginitaan =). i hope you were able to get some.

    angeli, i'm glad my post reminded you to remember the good times. let's keep the good memories and do away with the bad =).

    toni, hugs back. food definitely can nourish also the soul =).

    josiet, i fried just plain, then sprinkled them with sugar while they're warm.

    wits, you're right, the weather can bring back a lot of memories. it seems to do that to me - most of the time.

  7. ooooh, fried sweet potatoes were my snacks during childhood too! i could smell and hear them sizzling from the kitchen while my mom fries them in the morning, it's such a pleasant memory.. thanks for reminding good old memories.

  8. artemis, yes, let's keep remembering good memories =).