Thursday, May 28, 2009

Travel: Venice

For me, Venice is my favorite place in Italy. While Rome sizzles like a barbecue grill during the summer, Venice's water canals and highways keep the city cool throughout summer. Dining al fresco is perfect in this city. Whether you'll be content with a pizza or just plain bread dipped in olive oil, you can't avoid being amazed and entertained how a city can be utilizing canals instead of streets.

Riding a taxi boat as we sailed underneath this bridge to another.
Just another street canal...
We stayed at a camping site and slept in one of those cute cabins.
St. Mark's Square
I love how houses have flowers hanging from their balconies.
Taxi? Anyone?
Let's go for a gondola ride.
St. Mark's Basilica
Part of St. Mark's Basilica
This photo reminds me of the movie "Italian Job."


  1. Lovely, lovely! I'm beginning to get to a travel mode. This looks like a very romantic place.

  2. oh my goodness, lovely, just lovely, now my feet are itching for another travel...

  3. ahhh, beautiful! ♥
    venice is soooo poetic!

  4. did you go inside st mark's basilica? ganda no?

    when my mom went there, baha daw, kaya naman she wasn't able to really go around. sayang coz it's a very beautiful place!

  5. I was also amazed how this city uses the canal as transport. it lessened the stress in the streets. admittedly, i only found out about it in the Italian Job movie. :)

  6. Very beautiful!
    Ang cute ng cabin nyo! May bathroon na rin sa loob? I wonder what the interiors look like. I'm intrigued.
    How was the condola ride?

  7. venice is included in my "dream list". i wanna ride in gondola too. looks romantic! :)

  8. wits, i'm still on travel fever. i didn't want to come back to work...sigh.

    kg, yes, we did go inside St. Mark's Basilica. Sayang, i hope your mom can go there again. try summer time.

  9. A gondola ride costs a fortune!
    When my sister and I went there sometime in 2000, we almost went broke when we decided to hire one. But the thrill and experience of seeing Venice from a gondola is priceless. Especially with a goodlooking gondolier steering the boat hehehe ;)
    Oh welcome back from your vacation. Looking forward to seeing your pictures :)

  10. I saw on TV that Venice was sinking. did you hear anything about that when you were over there?

    Do the gondoliers sing O Sole Mio? hehe