Friday, June 19, 2009

Travel: Bath and Windsor Castle

One of the tours I took while in London was the "Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor Castle Tour." I really enjoyed all three, but on this post, I'm featuring only Bath and the Windsor Castle, as I think the Stonehenge deserves a post of its own. Next time though, I'd like to spend a day or two in Bath. The place is gorgeous and peaceful. I also visited The Jane Austen Center there where I did went crazy for the stationeries.

Pulteney Bridge with the horseshoe-shaped weir

Pulteney Bridge over the River Avon

One of the streets in Bath

The Roman Baths

Some strange looking sculptures adorning the streets of Bath. (Find more info on this artwork here.)

The Abbey

Part of the Crescent

Changing of the guards at the Windsor Castle

Entering Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle - the castle is impressive and beautiful inside. Unfortunately, no photography was allowed.

I hope everyone enjoys the photos.
Happy weekend!


  1. I enjoyed your post Kayni! I remember Samantha Brown's travel to Bath with this post. Bath. Roman bath. Very nice.

  2. wow windsor castle! where the queen is!

    i wanna have my picture taken w/ the guards too! sooo princess diaries! :)

  3. Layrayski and Mybittersweetlife, Thank you.

    Dyanie, Yes, the Windsor Castle was really great. I wanted to take photos inside but it wasn't allowed.

  4. thank you for sharing wonderful photos of historical places, i'll be there, one day.. :-)

  5. I got updates on new and promo items from Jane Austen Centre, the stuff there are so nice. Ang gaganda ng stationeries. I hope to visit someday.

  6. Artemis and Wits, I really recommend Bath and the Windsor Castle. I had a wonderful time there. Gosh, yes the Jane Austen Center had so much things I

  7. the roman bath looks medieval! i wonder if the people took bath there together? :) and the weird carvings look like aliens! he! he!

    i love looking at your pics. happy week to you kayni!

  8. I just love looking at travel photos, feeling ko nandun na rin ako somehow.
    Those are really weird scultures. Were you able to find out what those were about?

  9. i enjoyed the photos. :) the places were beautiful and well-maintained. kudos to the English!

  10. Rico, I found out the artwork was by Sophie Ryder and they're called Lady Hares.

    Mordsith, I, too, am amazed at how the English have preserved their old cities. It's a sight worth seeing.

  11.'s so lovely in that place. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos with us.

  12. Ahhhhh Kayni how do you get so lucky to have so much time to go anywhere you want to? Hahahaha ^^

  13. i would love to see the interiors of the historic Windsor Castle. and those stoic red-uniformed guards -- they're so iconic :)

  14. this takes me back to the tour bus we boarded in london that took us to stonehenge-bath-windsor castle for a day!

    did you see the doll houses inside windsor castle?