Friday, June 12, 2009

Travel: City of London

While my Chicken Tinola boils, I'm posting some of my favorite photos taken in London. I'm finally able to scratch London from my dream list, but I'd certainly love to go back there again and hang out with my cousin.

The London Bridge

Trafalgar Square

A sign shop at Portobello Market

Yours truly posing at the back of Westminster Abbey

Big Ben

River Thames and the London Eye

Section of the Houses of Parliament

Street view of the Houses of Parliament

Harry Potter? Da Vinci?

Westminster Abbey Church

Another shot of the London Bridge (Taken at the London Tower)

Mind the Gap

Guard at the Buckingham Palace

I hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend, and thank you so much for all your encouragements and love.

Mahalo! (Thank you!)


  1. Great pictures, Kayni. The last time I was in London was in 1995. I see that so much has changed for the better. I love your silhouette shot ;)

  2. All these snaps remind me of the films you mentioned, and Pink Panther also. If I haven't seen you in FB, I'd request that another photo of yours be posted. Heehee. Happy Sunday!

  3. Finally, a picture of you. Now we know what you look like. :-D

    Did they really film HP there?

  4. thanks a lot for the pictures.. they look good.. soon i will see them too :D

  5. Daphne, Thank you - I thought the silhouette shot was just

    Wits, Happy Sunday! I thought I"d get a kick on the

    Wil, So now you can recognize me anywhere =). Actually, that place is where Da Vinci was filmed...the part where Tom Hanks solves the code.

    Toni, I think you'll have a blast in London.

  6. ah... london. been here... for 6 hours and a half yata. hehehe.

  7. i finally see the london bridge! he! he!

    ang ganda talaga kayni! seeing pictures like these makes me want to go there!

  8. Kg, Ako rin. I want to go many things to do and see there.

  9. this is the first time i saw the London bridge. I'm happy to see it. :)

  10. Mordsith, It was also my first time, and now am able to cross it out from my wish list =).

  11. Beautiful pics! Sana kami rin makapag bakasyon dyan! Ganda!
    Fave ko tinola!

  12. i like the london bridge taken from the london tower, postcard perfect!!

  13. oh, i'm so, so lucky, kayni. i can brag that i've seen and talked to you in person! LOL

  14. Rico, Ako rin. I can eat Tinola any day.

    Artemis, Thank you.

    Angeli, Oo,

  15. kayni, yes. 2 hours after that, we're at the land of leprechauns naman. i really wish it was more than just 6 hours!

  16. heya!great shots of london! :)

  17. eks, a day should have been nice =).

    bohochick, thank you for the visit.

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  19. wow nakakainggit naman! hay kelan naman kaya ako makakapag out of the country hay LOL

  20. yay! london bridge! gusto ko rin magpa picture tapos kakanta ako ng london bridge!

  21. *singing london bridge* lol great shots! i love your silhouette shot too.