Friday, June 5, 2009

Travel: Hyde Park, London

Friday is finally here. I've been itching to post my recent travel photos, but work and life in general isn't letting me. My trip to London and Paris was wonderful, a really needed and deserved break for me. For a week, I immersed myself into London and Paris life. Yeah, as if a week is enough. Special thanks goes to my cousin, Ivy, for taking me around London. I hope we can do it all over again.

The first batch of photos will be from Hyde Park, which is walking distance from the area where I stayed - Bayswater. My hotel was accessible through the Bayswater Station, walking distance to Kensington, the Portobello Markets, Notting Hill and Hyde Park.

The Round Lake

Royal Albert Hall

Tribute to Prince Albert

The simple yet flowing Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

Birds enjoying sanctuary at The Serpentine

Directions please

Dog waste only (This one really cracked me up.)

A favorite - Peter Pan

Queen Victoria

The Kensington Palace

A view from the back of the Kensington Palace

Nicely trimmed garden and a bench to rest my weary feet

Trust me, more photos to follow...

Happy weekend!


  1. ooohh, kayni! thanks for sharing these pics with us! beautiful london! ang ganda! and it seems so peaceful!

    anymore pics? he! he! i enjoy looking at pictures!

  2. such lovely photos! you always take very nice ones :)

  3. kg, yes, there'll be more photos to come.

    d, thank you.

  4. i like the dog pooh bin! there should be dog toilet instead he he, but i think that'll be impossible..

  5. "Dog waste only" - hahaha!

    I liked Peter Pan's statue. The trimmed trees look so Abu Dhabi. The ones here are a little shorter though.

  6. well-manicured gardens, stately buildings, historical parks -- they make a perfect combination to spice up one's holiday

  7. artemis, i agree. dog toilet won't

    wits, the peter pan was really cool.

    onyxx, i agree.

  8. Great pictures. And lol @ dog waste only!!!

  9. i love the Peter Pan statue. I'm thinking now of hundred poses I can make with Peter Pan. :)

  10. beautiful place! thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  11. what lovely photos, kayni.

    the swans (they're swans, right?) on the Round Lake, can they be fed?

  12. Angeli, yes, you can feed them. at least people feeding them - swans.

  13. I always enjoy watching and reading peoples travel posts. Kasi ansarap mainggit eh. Isa pa makakakuha ka ng mga tips on what to do where to go and what to eat.

    I came here from Wits and Nuts.

  14. photo cache, thank you for the visit. yes, i love reading travel posts too.

  15. looks nice :D so that's hyde park.. i would be attending a seminar across that park this August .. looks really nice.. would probably be in the park a whole lot.

  16. wow very cool! it looks like a calm place to just take it slow and have fun. i especially love the birds on the lake!

  17. I almost felt like I was there too. Looks so peaceful and cool, not like other tourist attractions.

  18. toni, hyde park is huge, and i think you'll be able to find a good place to seat and just relax.

    prinsesmusang, that's why i like the park so is really quiet. it's a good park to get away from the hustle and bustle of london.

    rico, yes, i felt so relaxed while i was there.

  19. Although I live in London, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your pics! Thanks for sharing :) Hugs, xx

  20. uy! very nice photos kayni! ang saya-saya! parang we walked with you ;-)