Saturday, June 27, 2009

Travel: Stonehenge

As promised, here are the photos from my trip to the Stonehenge. I think the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy and I hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend.

Round barrows or flat graves near and around the Stonehenge

Let's rest and enjoy the yellow fields of Canola

Sheep herd near the Stonehenge

Sheep and modern cars in harmony?

I found the English country side peaceful and charming

More Canola flowers in bloom

Seeing the Stonehenge

What is it's purpose?

A beautiful parting view - a dream come true


  1. How far is downtown London to the Stonehenge?

    I'm dreamed more of visiting Ireland than England, but since London is my destination this coming September, not sure if I'll have the time to see Ireland. Have lots of Irish friends and they're prodding me to go there, hope they were not drunk when I'm being pushed to visit their country. Ireland fascinates me.

    Any quick infos on Hotel accomodations? How's London anyways?

  2. kayni, those pics are nice! i would love to go there! architectural masterpiece ba? he! he!

    have agreat week kayni!

  3. no pastoral scene feels complete without a flock of sheep dotting the scenery :)

    as for the Stonehenge, someday i hope to view this amazing wonder with my own eyes and marvel about the primal forces that prompted those folks to build it

  4. Angeli, Yes, it was such an experience.

    Trublue, I joined a tour in seeing the Stonehenge, but I heard from Downtown to the Stonehenge you can take the train and it's probably going to be an hour and a half to get there.

    Actually, Ireland was my first choice, but my cousin in London begged for a As for hotels, I stayed in the Bayswater area which is very close to Hyde Park and the good thing about this area is that transportation is walking distance. Bayswater has a mixture of 5 stars to budget hotel. It depends on what you're looking for.

    kg, Have a wonderful week as well.

    onyxx, yes, when you have the chance, do visit the Stonehenge.

  5. That scenery looks sooo calming. Maybe someday I'll see this for real too!!

  6. wow, Stonehenge is surely on my travel list.. going to visit as much sacred places as i can, while on earth anyway, hah, long way to go for me.

  7. Beautiful! You know I've always been fascinated with Stonehenge. I've read lots of "ideas" about it. I wonder what's it really for?

  8. wow! beautiful. looks very peaceful.

    have a great week ahead kayni.

  9. These are very 'farm town'. Do you play that, by the way? =) I can see you enjoyed much your vacation.

  10. Toni and Artemis, I really hope too that you'll see this place.

    Rico, Me too, I read a lot about the Stonehenge even before visiting the site.

    Blue Rose, Have a great week as well.

    Wits, Yes, definitely farm towns. I haven't had the time to play farm town at facebook. My body keeps telling me to go on another

  11. I like those pix! Extravagantly beautiful!

  12. it's just awesome, its greatness leaves me speechless.

    great pictures!

  13. when we visited stonehenge, i was also enthralled by the sheep. at first, i thought they were white stones! :)

  14. fortuitous faery, i was surprised to see them grazing freely around the site. they all look healthy.

  15. amazing! i hope someday i can see them for real!