Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apples, Apples and Apples

 Here begins the Apple picking adventure...

We walked through rows of Apple trees...

Hunting for those perfect Apples ready for harvest...

We found Apples here...


And everywhere...

Some Apples we saw riding a wheel barrow...

What's next?
Warm up the oven
And let's make some delicious Apple pies.


  1. i love apple-picking! although i think i might miss it this year. :P

  2. Wow! I'm so giddy. This is the first time I saw real apple trees. Those in Farm Town are so different. Heehee.

  3. this is really embarrassing.. but this is the first time I saw apples on trees. It's lovely. :)

    I hope the apples you picked were the good ones. :)

  4. so many apples! reminds me of aratilis! [do you know what that is?] :)

  5. oh we would love to experience this! I bet Andreas would be biting each apple he will pick :).....I hear apple-picking stories from my Uncle also in NY.

    I told Ceasar about your post and he says maybe we could try strawberry picking in Baguio as he too has yet to experience it.

    Hope you are having a great week! I like the new lay-out too. hugsies!!

  6. Photo Cache, Apple crumble and

    Fortuitous Faery, It was a lot of fun picking apples. We've decided will do it again soon.

    Wits, I agree; it is different from Farm

    Mordsith, We were so picky, so I think we did well.

    Kg, I'm not sure what is Aratilis. Do you have a photo? I would love to know.

    Kero, It is clean, wonderful fun. The farm we went to was huge and they do Strawberries and other fruits and vegies for picking. I'm sure Andreas will have a blast picking Strawberries in Baguio.

  7. definitely yum! :-)

    i've been to a pick-all-you-can apple picking galore in japan.

    the rule was we could pick as much as we could and eat us much as we could, but cannot bring it home.

    but since it was the huge Fuji apple we were picking, we could only eat one and we're already full!

    so in a sense, we just helped the farmer pick his apples!

    But it was a lot of fun and was of course free!

    ahh, fond memories.. :-)

  8. Artemis, I have to agree. It was a great experience for me as well, and I'll definitely do it again.

  9. hmmmm. i love the smell of apples.. but i don't really like them :O( hubby needs to almost force me to it them.. and we have some fields here with wild apples.. really yummy actually and for free ;)

  10. That's pretty exciting, apple-picking! Such a lovely experience. Years ago, I thought of applying for a job as a fruit picker in New Zealand. :)

    That's a job I'd love to do. Share the apple pie with us! :)

  11. Mmm! yum! I'd love to go on an apple picking expedition. But I guess I'll settle for an afternoon of picking ripe guavas.

  12. wow! daming apples. ngayon lang ako nakakita ng puno ng apple. parang ang sarap magharvest ah.

  13. Toni, I like the smell of apples and I like to eat them with condense

    Lene, I'll share the applie pie, when I'll figure out how to make

    Layrayski, Guavas are as good as apples =).

    Blue Rose, It felt great picking apples. It was a good break from my usual routine.

  14. andaming apples!!! i would surely love apple-picking, hehehe.

  15. ah ka-ha-harvest lang din nila dito last week pero mga persimmon.

  16. Huwaw, that's lovely. I have never seen an apple tree as there is none here, but i love how it looks, mababa lang ba yan for picking?

  17. ganda ng photos, at nakakatakam yung mga apples! pahingi ng isang puno! :)