Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thoughts On A Chilly October Morning

There are so many things going on, yet I have so little time. The project, that's taken over my weekends and evenings, I've been working on is going well and I'm looking at finalizing everything by the second week of November. I can't wait, but it's moving on forward from here. I am, again, preparing for another board meeting, so the stress is building up every single day. I like the challenge and the stress keeps me motivated, but I am hoping that when all of these projects are through, I am ready to unwind and celebrate the holidays. These days, looking forward to the holidays is keeping me sane. I know that sounds a bit scary.

On Sunday, I managed to hop on to my friend's car and drove to visit Luray Caverns and Shenandoah National Park (pictures are coming soon). It was a wonderful breather from my insane routine. The smell of mountain air, the sight of beautiful fall foliage, and the touch of wild flowers really brought me back to my senses. There is so much life away from work and I've been simply too busy to see it.

Today, as I woke up to a chilly October morning and thoughts of work and holidays fill up my fun deprived brain, I decided I had to simply write.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. chilly? up here in my neck of the woods it's already freezing! :P

    stay warm! colder days are ahead! (looking forward to those park photos!)

  2. Oh I can't wait for the photos. I am salivating once I heard of fall leaves. We just had a powerful storm here yesterday which meant whatever colored leaves we have were knocked down so maybe not too many leaves to look at this year.

    Happy Wednesday too, can't wait for the weekend.

  3. hi kayni! it's been a while since you've posted. missed you!

    it's cold here as well [maybe not as chilly as it is there]! have a great week!

  4. Hola Kay,
    Mi gato fue a el cielo. Ella tenia 21 anos de edad. Estoy trieste... Mariko

  5. I'm lookng forward to seeing your photos! I'm sure it's going to be spectacular!

    I'm glad everything's going well for you.

    Where's the park located?

  6. Yay for the holidays! And just like you, am ready to unwind and celebrate Christmas!!!

  7. malapit na nga ang Pasko. pati dito lumalamig na. :)

  8. hi kayni! i guess when it comes to work---i envy you... maybe i'm not just exploring too much so i'm teaching here in korea instead. anyway, when i submitted my resume at the job center, they told me they would enter my resume under "teaching/education" since i can't work as an engineer yet coz i still don't know the Korean language and haven't done much to even be able to make a decent sentence when i'm speaking to my MIL...

    i'm physically tired by the end of each day but my brain craves for more mind boggling activity... i always worked in very challenging industries so i somehow miss those times of having to catch deadlines, prepare for presentations or reports for the client, etc etc...