Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Recovery

Finally, I got the much needed fun and rest this weekend. Saturday afternoon was spent at the lake park, with my camera and a high school classmate, R. Earlier that day, R and I pigged out at the Filipino restaurant, as usual, and spent the afternoon sitting and chatting at the park. It felt great to catch up. It felt wonderful to be relaxed especially when you're surrounded with scenes like these:

Two skies...


R and I spent the evening at the movies. We saw "Love Happens" and I have to admit that I liked this movie and its message - moving forward.

Sunday was spent apple picking. It's like Farmville in real life, and I'll be posting photos soon. For now, it's time to make some pork barbecue.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


  1. wow kaynie, it's been a while since you've posted. looks like you're very busy!

    i love the pictures! they're so relaxing!

    have a great, and relaxing, week kayni!

  2. kg, glad you like the photos. work is keeping me busy. i'm hoping things will slow down by november. have a great week as well.

  3. I'm smiling as I read your post. I'm happy that you finally had a breather. The photos are refreshing.

  4. Gosh! You're off to a barbi?! Sarap! Wish I was there too.

  5. I laughed when you mentioned Farmville.

    It's good that you finally had the time to relax.

  6. hello sis, thanks for dropping by my page. I'm very glad na sisters pa rin tayo kahit antagal kong nawala. I've missed you, and i've missed blogging.

    I should probably do what you did, spend time with an old classmate... I'll have to decide who... should be someone i don't see often. LOL, my classmates in elementary are my neighbors... someone from college maybe.. :)

    I love the clouds sa water. ang ganda...

  7. wits, thank you. i feel refreshed too.

    rico, the bbq was

    josiet, i feel relaxed, and i'm so thankful there are breathers like this.

    G, you'll always be my matter what.

  8. uy, may R na siya. :-)

    hey, ang ganda ng lugar. this is a place where you can probably spend all 24 hours of your day and still want some more of it. vveeeery beautiful. nice to know you were able to get that long-awaited break from work.

  9. eks, indeed, i had the time to si R? R is a good friend.

  10. You got your much needed weekend refresher. Good for you. Ready to battle this week again?

  11. i know farming/gardening is way better experienced in real life!

    such serene lake photos. :)

  12. .. wow, you have so beautiful surroundings.. if i were there, i'd spend so much time in that lake park doing particularly nothing, he he...

    enjoy the rest of the week!

    love, - Vitch

  13. Photo Cache, Finally got rest, but Monday was a

    Fortuitous Faery, I agree. I would also love to have a small garden patch one day =).

    Vitchie, Yes, I usually just go there, seat and read a book. If I'm not at work, I would be at the lake.

  14. so glad you got that break that you really needed. Thumbs up! :)

    Love those pic byt kayni :)

  15. beautiful pictures.. i always love the reflection of the sky on water.. it's like sky meets water :)