Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stuff I Didn't Post (In Bullets)

  1. For Halloween, I was at "Hershey's at the Dark". I did a wee bit of shopping and of course, ate sweets at Hershey's Chocolate World. For the first time, I ate a chocolate covered double chocolate cake with Hershey's signature hot cocoa. I was in heaven and was on a sugar high for a few hours =).
  2. I was summoned for jury duty on the 2nd of this month. I made it all the way to the court room for a civil case but didn't make the final eight...lol. I enjoyed the experience, but I was a bit nervous about being chosen for a murder case.
  3. I have started wrapping Christmas presents, and I am almost done with my shopping list. I'm not spending too much on presents this year but just simple gifts for family and friends.
  4. I saw "A Christmas Carol" in 3D and it was absolutely amazing. I want to see it again.
  5. My car just got the 30,000 mileage manufacturer's maintenance requirement. Big bill, but I am glad my car's still in great shape.


  1. wow! imagine if you had been chosen for that murder case! exciting!

  2. wow hershey's!! **drool** hehe ;P

    di pa palabas dito yung christmas carol. after pa ata ng new moon. :)

  3. Jury duty, wow! I only read that in books..hehehe.

  4. My dad was summoned twice but he was working at that time. Must be a nice experience. ^^ I haven't really prepared anything for Christmas. Hahaha

  5. Lovely feeling to go through this! is that movie good ? hmm i thought the ghosts and the lead role not so christmasy hehen :P would try to catch it , review please .....

  6. Wow! A chocolate covered double chocolate cake, tapos may hot choco pa, overload.
    Congrats on the house! Do post some pics so we can see too. I wish we were there too to help you pack and move things. Maybe we can re paint the walls too hehe

  7. "For the first time, I ate a chocolate covered double chocolate cake with Hershey's signature hot cocoa."

    ~wow, sounds really chocolate-y. I can't stop imagining how good that must taste.

  8. You'll see an equation in your bullets, good things + not so good things = life is beautiful!

    Juror duty, sounds scary haha! Glad that's over. I'm looking forward to seeing A Christmas Carol. Wala pa sa "Coming Soon" page ng favorite UAE cinema ko. Hopefully, ipalabas naman nila on or before mag pasko. Haha.

  9. oh garsch... Chocolate... *drools*

    send me some LOL :D

    wow, jury duty... even if you haven't been chosen to be on the 8, that's still quite an experience. :D

  10. kg, i think i'll be a bit nervous looking at the murderer...lol.

    princess_dyanie, i thought christmas carol is opened there. watch mo in 3D, i really enjoyed it.

    josiet, it was my first time to be called for jury duty.

    eden, it was a great experience. i'm trying to prepare for Christmas early because i'm sending my family's presents through the mail.

    srivats, i feel lazy to put a review...lol, but i think the story's lesson is there - don't be a scrooge =). i already know the story as i've read it several times, but it was such fun to see it in 3D.

    aline, merry christmas din, kahit November pa lang...lol.

    rico, thank you. i'll be posting more photos. i'm not moving until december. i appreciate your offer to help; it would have been fun if all blogger friends can come to help. parang bayanihan...lol.

    mybittersweet, i have to say - i'm a chocoholic, so eating that chocolate overload was bliss.

    wits, i didn't see the equation. i just posted them in order. thank you for pointing that out. that movie would be timely for xmas. enjoy!

    geli-pet, i ate it all na =( sorry. yes, it was interesting too bec i got to speak with the judge and the lawyers. it was like an interview.

  11. you are so organize with your christmas wrapping and all.. and it's still november...wow!

    jury duty? exciting, so do they pay you if you miss work?

    that chocolate experience makes my mouth water... need chocolate now...

  12. toni, i want to get the gifts done bec. i know i won't have that much time to do other things due to the move. as for jury duty, my firm has a policy that jury duty, which is considered serving the country, is considered a normal working day. so it's like you still worked without reporting to work. also, the state pays for jury duty as well.

  13. hi Kayni! one thing that i miss a lot is the decorating, making shopping list of gifts and gift wrapping, and enjoying the feeling that Christmas is just around the corner. they don't celebrate Christmas here like we do. but Alex said they did before the 1990's economic crisis. i didn't mention anything about Christmas decorations and all. but it was Alex who mentioned about buying a new Christmas tree and some decorations since his niece and nephew deformed our old one last year...

  14. jehan, the Christmas tree is a wonderful idea. your husband is very thoughtful =). i hope you'll still feel the spirit of Christmas even if it's not widely celebrated there.

  15. first, congratulations on "Pinky." i read about it the other day but Andreas woke up before i could click post comment.

    next, i too started wrapping Christmas gifts. i think we both look forward doing that for the holidays :)

    lastly, i am imagining the taste of your chocolate cake. i'm drooling :)

  16. kero, thank you. i agree. nothing beats the excitement of wrapping christmas presents. it's the best time of the year; my favorite time of the year =).

  17. i'm so drooling on that hersheys. penge...hehehe

    yay! on that early gift wrapping. hindi pa nga ako nagshohopping eh. but you reminds me to do it na.

  18. jury duty?! john grisham introduced me to the beauty and intricacies of the system.ang saya siguro kung natuloy ka dun. hehehe.

  19. Eds, for me, i get so excited for Christmas so i really start shopping early. you better start your shopping =).

    Papi for President, it would have been excited if i got chosen. i hope next time.

  20. bloghop... wow. Jury duty.. scary scary spot to be on.

    Nice Blog by the way. :D