Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowed In

I think that these photos will speak for themselves. We've gotten so much snow for the past two days that I've just spent the last two hours shoveling. While I warm up and rest my back a little, enjoy the photos.

It was just starting
More is coming
Backyard flooded
Awaiting relief


  1. While I do understand what "troubles" snow does, I still think they're so pretty. Beautiful photos. We were talking via chat to a relative in Norway yesterday and she showed how much snow they have there too. Plus the river overlooking their house is frozen too.
    Keep safe!

  2. there's snowmageddon! i thought the weatherman went nuts when they said we were going to get our share, too...but we didn't. and i'm thankful we only got flurries.

    brace yourself for tuesday!

  3. gosh... that's a lot of snow.. i hope it doesn't snow again tomorrow on your part of the world..too much work,,