Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Donut Adventure And The Big Footed Bunny

It's been months since I had a donut, so my friend, PW Bear, and I decided that we should have donuts for breakfast on Saturday. We were itching to go out because: 1) the weather is warmer; 2) we were deliriously suffering from spring fever; and, 3) nothing beats donuts for breakfast. Apart from my favorite glazed donuts from good ol' Krispy Kreme, I found out they have a new featured donut - banana cake donut. Whoa, the glazed banana cake donut absolutely rocks! Has anyone tried it yet?

After our early donut adventure, we drove to Germantown to visit a favorite - the Lancaster Dutch County Market, which is a collection of family-run Amish stores. I absolutely love buying my fresh vegetables and meat there. They also have freshly baked bread and pastries, and their soft pretzel and hotdog rolls are to die for. Plus, there's this shop that sells all types of sweets and snacks. I wish I could take photos, but I respect the Amish request not to be photographed. Anyway, I bought two milk chocolate bunnies and a spotted dog made of milk and dark chocolates.

And here's a biggy among my Easter chocolate collection this year, the Big Foot Bunny made of milk chocolate and crisp candy. I've decided to devour this on Easter. Although my friends say it won't make it until then. Speaking of Easter, just a sweet reminder that DST is also upon us. Do not forget to turn your wall clocks or watches an hour forward on March 14.

I hope everyone's having a sweet week!


  1. I'm having a sweet day :D
    hahaha. thanks for always dropping by :D

    my family and i Love love love Krispy Kreme :D
    you a sweet tooth too? :D

  2. i haven't seen the banana donut in KK here. drool drool! ;)

  3. @ Geli, we love Krispy Kreme too :) and big YES, I am a sweet tooth.

    @ Dyanie, the banana donut is so good.

  4. wow! did you finish the box of donuts? ang dami nun! i'm missing Krispy Kreme!!!!!

  5. Ahhhh..I so miss krispy kreme. For me to have a krispy kreme, i have to go to malaysia or philippines. very sad =(

  6. Wow... love the chocolate bunnies! Those look so yummy. Your post seriously gives me a crazy craving right now.

    I've been trying to eat healthy for weeks now but when it comes to chocolate, it's always sweet surrender. :)

  7. @ kg, i was only able to eat three. i took home the rest.

    @ mumsified, i'm sure you'll get some when you go home for a visit in the Philippines...lol.

    @ jayme, it's the same here. i can't stay away from sweets.

  8. oh, the sight of the big chololatey bunny made me wish i don't have these breakouts, haha! been wallowing on chocolate bars for the past 2 weeks now.. arrggh...
    my week is supposed to be sweet but i don't know why i feel so low...

  9. @ jehan, i hope you'll feel better soon. a piece of chocolate won't hurt...lol. i know i'm so evil.

  10. Believe it or not, me a junk foodie is not into donuts (shocking!). Never had been. Although I did have a phase in my life that I gobbled a lot of Dunkin Donuts (the one with boston creme).

  11. Oh i love banana cakes! Alas donuts are not part of my diet these days so I will just take your word on it re-banana cake donut! :)

  12. still have to see the KK banana cake donut here....i'm loyal to the original glazed though =)

    love the bunny!

  13. Doughnuts....mmmmmmmm
    I love them with the rasberry filling.

    Shame its night time here. Need to go buy some tommorow.

    with love