Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Three Things

Three things that scare me:
- Death
- Heights
- Failure

Three people who make me laugh:
- Ma and Dad (family)
- Weng
- PW Bear

Three Things I love:
- Weekend trips and travel
- Taking photos - family, friends, flowers, landscapes etc.
- Chocolate

Three Things I hate:
- Stinking office politics
- Slow DC Metro and 270 traffic
- Politicians who lie all the time

Three things I don't understand:
- Dichotomy between good and evil
- Space
- Religious debates

Three things on my desk:
- Glass of water
- Planner
- A box of tissue

Three things I'm doing right now:
- Typing
- Staring at the glass window
- Drinking soda

Three things I want to do before I die:
- Travel around the world
- Own a house in Hawaii
- Write my grandfather's WWII story

Three things I can do:
- Play guitar
- Compose poems
- Cook (sometimes)

Three ways to describe my personality:
- Antisocial
- Quiet
- Private

Three things I can't do:
- Calculate tips - anything that deals with numbers
- Run very fast
- Drink alcohol


  1. we have the same fears and your 3 things describing your personality mirrors mine too.

  2. heey, who's this PW Bear? isn't this your ex? if i remember it right, you called him that too? ;-)

    what about the bed and breakfast in sagada? given up on that one?

  3. @ Lui, I think it's interesting that we have similar fears.

    @ Vitchie, Oh no, my ex I just called J. PW Bear is my buddy and that PW is a short cut for his address so that can't be my Besides, the ex got married recently.

    I still have the idea for the B n B in Sagada, since I have to put only three, I have to put the top three for now.

  4. We have so many things in common. Especially that I don't drink alcohol, too.

    Initially I wanted to ask who is PW Bear. At least, we know now. =)

  5. oooo! na-curious tuloy ako sa story ng lolo mo during ww2 ;-) hope you get to write it!