Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Day With The Tulips

I could never recall all their names, but all I could vividly remember is how they were extremely beautiful, colorful and vibrant. It was a wonderful feeling driving back to Hershey Gardens this spring. It could be because of the flowers or it could be because I was with a very good friend. It could be both. If I could, I would love to freeze each flower so that they could bloom the whole year through, but I knew that was not possible. So, all I could do was snap as many photos as possible, in that case, they can forever bloom in my photos.

Double Early Tulips

There were rows and rows of Tulips

Vibrant Yellows

Solo beauty

Parrot Tulips

Lavender and Red Tulips

Early Double Fringed Tulips

Crowded beauty

Double Fringed Tulips

Orange close up

I love the Lavenders.

The front row looks like squash flowers, but they're some Tulip variety

I love how they mixed the lavender, yellow and pink here.

Lovely reds

A peek into a Tulip's world

A crown

A feast of beauty

Fosteriana Tulips

I want a garden like that :)

The petals are fringed in some way

Darwin Hybrid Tulips

Have a colorful and vibrant day!


  1. wow...those are lovely. It made my day bright. Thanks

  2. who doesn't love tulips? i bought tulips at shoprite after easter because they were on sale. however, they're deer fodder which makes it a challenge taking care of them in my area.

  3. wow talaga! i hope to see a lot of different flowers this year too.. alex and i am planning to go to one of the cherry blossoms fest here this sunday. a newly found korean friend is inviting us for a picnic but we'd like to spend the time together...

  4. what a colorful lovely tulips you have here! ;)

  5. @ faery, i also saw the tulips were gone at my neighbor's garden. she did put some of those screen to protect them, but the deer still got to it.

    @ jehan, yes, take advantage of spring.

    @ mishi, thank you. glad you can visit.

  6. beautiful flowers. so colorfl and bright.

    thanks for stopping by =)

  7. kayni, those are such nice pictures! ang gaganda ng tulips!!! i love them! beautiful flowers. gusto ko tuloy pumunta dyan! :)

    ngayon lang din ako nakakita ng different variants of tulips. :)

  8. yay! i love tulips! all i wanna do is smell them all at magpapicture sa gitna! haha! :P

  9. Just beautiful! You know for our wedding, my wife held dozens of orange tulips. Ganda nila talaga.

  10. oh wow! those are lovely & very colorful tulips. i love it. parang ang saya-saya ng feeling kapag ganito ang mga pictures na makikita mo lagi. thank you for sharing them with us kayni.

  11. I simply adore tulips, but they don't last long enough. It seems they're blooming today and gone tomorrow.

  12. I would say it is because you were with a very good friend! It is a lovely feeling to share such beautiful sights with a very good friend. ;)

    Thanks for the amazing pictures of the tulips! Wow super ganda.

  13. Those are awesome! Seriously, I can't decide which colors I like best. Sigh! I wish I get to see those everyday..

  14. wow tulips are really pretty and how i wish my hubby would stop giving me roses and give me tulips instead...i really love tulips

  15. Hayyy, super ganda naman. Dami pala colors no? I liked the vibrant yellows best. So beautiful. These tulips remind me too how God's creations are full of wonder. :)

  16. Ang ganda talaga ng tulips! Lalo na pag yellow. =)