Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DC Cherry Blossom's Festival 2010

I couldn't stop myself from taking photos. Last week, I took 164 photos when I visited the Cherry Blossom trees at the Tidal Basin. The flowers were at their peak and I was greeted with such a beautiful, almost fairytale like, sight of blooming flowers. Underneath the Cherry Blossoms, it's a struggle to see how blue the sky was especially at certain places where the Cherry Blossoms were in clusters, almost hugging, providing shelter above me. Everywhere I looked was beauty, the Cherry Blossoms never fail to please me.

The Washington Monument reflected on the Tidal Basin

The Jefferson Memorial

Enjoying the flowers by paddling around the Tidal Basin

Non-stop picture taking

Shade and beauty

The Monument peaks through a cluster of flowers

I don't know where to start or which one to focus on

This time, I walked the entire length of the Tidal Basin, underneath the shade of a million beautiful flowers

Taking a dip

“Break open a cherry tree and there are no flowers, but the spring breeze brings forth myriad blossoms.”

(Ikkyu Sojun)


There will be more photos to come as I slowly sort out my album. I hope you enjoyed these photos today and look forward for more photos to come. This weekend, I'll be driving to Hershey Gardens to witness the blooming of 30,000 Tulips. I can't wait.


  1. i heard from my american co teacher last year that the cherry blossoms fest in DC is the best he's been to.. looking at your pictures, i now fully understand when he said that there was nothing special about the cherry blossoms fest we went to last year...

  2. oh kayni! these are soooo beautiful! your pictures are so nice! until when do these cherry blossoms bloom?

  3. oooh, those pics of cherry blossoms make me want to visit DC. lovely!

  4. hurray for the cherry blossoms! :) wow, 30,000 tulips? all fresh?

  5. masisira ang ulo ko sa kakatake ng pix pag anjan ako.

    how wonderful to be going to work and see this every day.

  6. I probably would take a thousand photos when I see cherry blossoms!

  7. 30,000 tulip? Wow I love tulips. I'm certainly looking forward to your trip to Hershey Gardens and those blooming tulips (via pix of course) :D

    And I thought that cherry blossoms were only found in Japan. I guess DC is another place to see them as well. Great shots!

  8. those are really really fab photos..how long do they last ba?

    sana everyday ganyan nakikita ko din..

  9. oh kayni, i know what you mean!!!

    they are a heavenly sight, incredibly beautiful sakura! and the overall atmosphere is augmented by the spring 'feel."

    Ikkyu Sojun??? is that the Zen master? There's Zen master who's name is Ikkyu, i'm not sure of Sojun. Ikkyu is my favorite of all Zen masters. he's kinda funny, hilarious actually.

  10. Yay for cherry blossoms! Your pics are wonderful and I they made me realize that it's been a year since I visited here. Nice thought.

    I look forward to your trip to see the tulips too. :)