Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grandpa's Story

For a few years now, I have been talking about writing my grandfather's autobiography specifically revolving around his guerrilla experiences during World War II, but every time I take the time and start drafting the project, certain issues seem to find their way into my writing. Just to mention a few, some issues I'm dealing with includes compiling my grandfather's documents and properly archiving them, creating a document with the inclusion of his photos (really old ones that needs to be scanned for preservation purposes) and recording interview accounts from other World War II survivors from the Philippines, most of them are in their 90s and not to mention sickly.

I found out that autobiography writing is not the easiest project to dive into (but not impossible) especially that grandpa isn't here anymore. I have to depend on my grandmother's fading memory, and I feel like I am fighting against time to put into writing or capture memories of their past. Grandma, my dad and his siblings have been so generous in helping me supplement some of the missing pieces in grandma's stories. They have also been helping me file grandpa's old photos and archive his guerrilla documents/letters, which I intend to turn into two digital scrapbooks - one for his photos and the other for his documents/letters. The digital scrapbooks will help preserve his photos and documents especially that time is taking a toll on them. Also, these digital scrapbooks will preserve grandpa's memories and can be passed on to my children or even my great grandchildren.

I am fortunate that I came to know about LifeBio because this will absolutely help on the technical aspect of my project. I checked their website and I like their LifeBio Recording Kit. This is one kit I need in order to record my grandmother's first-hand account about her life with my grandfather during the war. With LifeBio's help, I can now concentrate more on writing his story and his life.


  1. oh that would be really great if you can do this. It would take a while, I'd think. But perhaps if you do it bit by bit, you'll get there in the end, having no pressure on yourself. best of luck!

  2. I hope I can do one to. After school, I've forgotten committing to document my grannies' lives - details of the culture they practice that's starting to fade in our generation; and maybe that too of their experiences of hiding from the Japs during the war.

  3. @ Kristine, Thank you.

    @ Gremliness, That sounds so similar to my lola's stories. I hope you can find the time to keep a record too.