Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hugs And Kisses

Apart from the tulips, there are other interesting, cute things at the Hershey Gardens.

Girl Chasing Butterflies

Girl Smelling Flower

Twizzler fence

Children's garden

Hershey Kisses stools

Butterfly sculpture and bench

Hugs and Kisses garden

and huge HUGS and KISSES to all!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. at first thought, i want those kisses stools. but then again, pag lagi ko sila makita, baka i would eat kisses all the time! bad! he he!

  2. why hershey's garden? may hershey chocolate factory diyan?

  3. @ kg, i agree. ako nga, i couldn't resist to go to the chocolate factory just to get sweets...lol

    @ dyanie, yes, hershey garden is part of the town of Hershey, where Hershey chocolates come from. i'll post something on the chocolate factory.

  4. akala ko chocolate. oh well, mukhang gusto ko lang pala kumain ng chocolates. hehehe

    i love the girl smelling the flower and the butterfly bench.

  5. the place looks amazing! I'm waiting for the chocolate factory post!

  6. this looks like a nice place with which to spend your lazy afternoons... the only thing that's missing (for me, anyway) is a fountain or a pool/pond with stones and plants *sigh*

  7. I love gardens with pergola; that's a nice addition to any garden.

  8. I love tulips. I find them pretty especially when they come in different colors. Ironically, I've never received one before.

    The sculptures are lovely. I like that butterfly bench.