Thursday, April 29, 2010

Las Vegas: Luxor And MGM

I took about 700+ photos, and please don't ask why. I just went snap crazy. The themed hotels, shows and blinking lights of Las Vegas were a photographer's delight. I'm hoping I'll be able to share all the good photos with all of you. Today, I'll start with the hotels - Luxor and MGM.

Luxor - one of the most interesting hotels I've seen. I thought the passage underneath the obelisk was cool.

Close enough for a pyramid imitation.

Luxor's sphinx

Obelisk and palm trees

Goat sculptures near the hotel's entrance.

The pyramid and the face of the sphinx. The railing you see there is for the tram connecting the hotels Mandalay Bay, Excalibur and Luxor. It's an easy way to visit each hotel especially during the hot summer months. On this visit, we chose to walk the Strip's entirety since the temperatures were still in the 60s and 70s.

A closer look at the obelisk.

I heard these are desert palms from Florida.

Here's the famous MGM Lion that roars when the movie begins and ends.

Interesting sculptures adore MGM's entrance.

The real MGM Lioness that lives in captivity inside the casino. Yes, inside the casino. We saw her during feeding time which starts at 11 AM.

Sleepy after a meal.

Just a different view of the Lion.

More of Las Vegas to come!


  1. Oh? There's a lioness inside the casino? That's cool. Tell me, is MGM really grand? :)

  2. yay the famous mgm! dba diyan yung boxing fight palagi ni pacquiao? tama ba?

  3. as always Kayni, I'm impressed how at how good u are in taking photographs. nice shots!

  4. yup, the passage underneath the obelisk looks really cool.

  5. wow! awesome photos :) para na rin akong nakapag-travel with you :) aliw!!!

  6. That's so cool. I didn't know there's a real lioness inside MGM.

  7. Thanks for sharing these great photos. Impressive structures!

    A lioness inside the casino? It must be a great attraction for many but I hope she's treated well.

  8. @ mordsith, MGM is grand, but there are other hotels that are grander.

    @ princess dyanie, yes, i think you're right.

    @ bittersweet, thank you :)

    @ april and rachel, i've seen the lioness and the lion (couple) a couple of times and i think they're being treated well. they have two trainers there that day looking after the two.

  9. look what I have been missing :) lovely pictures. I loved the goat sculpture more. If the people of Egypt civilisation were alive today they would be really proud of these creations :P

    And I like ur slogan of the page :)
    keep the momentum going. Happy for u

  10. Ah~ Vegas! Too many eye candies! Ganda!