Monday, April 12, 2010

A Piece Of My Mind

My friend and I made it to the Hershey Gardens on Saturday, and I was completely enthralled with the tulips. It's that feeling that you never want to leave and wish the flowers would bloom and stay beautiful forever. Of course, I went nuts again with the picture taking and took about 150 photos. The tulips were absolutely beautiful and vibrantly blooming in bright yellow, lavender, orange and other shades and combination.

We were admiring the tulips when a couple caught our attention. The wife or gf was childishly running and jumping over the tulips and asking the husband to take her photos here and there. I don't know if she was aiming to flaunt her skin at a chilly 50-degree day or was just too happy to see the tulips, but she took off her jacket and posed seductively sleeveless. Then, she checks the camera and loudly blurted, "Dis is pangit (ugly) pose; you hab to take the photo again like dis and dat." Then, she maneuvers the camera trying to show the husband how to take the photo then runs to pose again. Yup, she's Filipina.

It may sound that I am mocking her accent, but truly, I am comfortable with the strong Filipino accent but what made it so annoying was that she was disturbingly loud and rude. At some point, the husband notices that we, us and the other people at the park, were staring at her, and he suddenly asks her, "Why do you need to shout?" Noticing that she has everybody's attention, he lead her to the farther end of the park.

I think it was selfish of her acting like she owned the park. People were there to enjoy the tulips not to see her shout and pose like she owned the world. I'm sorry if I may sound prejudice and judging just because she's Filipina like me, but I uphold my values whenever I am by myself or with a crowd. Whether she was Filipina or not, her actions and childish behavior were inappropriate and belong to a Bush Garden or some amusement park, not in a peaceful, memorial garden.


  1. sobrang eksayted si kumare :D

    fortunately despite the large fil community in the bay area i have never encountered anything like that at all.

  2. Uber na-excite sa tulips...taga-baryo siguro siya sa Pinas.

  3. you know naman pinoys, picture whores! but you can be a picture whore without being annoying diba? yopu should have taken her pic, ng matahimik!

    incidentally, i was looking at pictures of tulips yesterday. ang gaganda! :)

  4. sometimes i encounter some women like that here....sad to say it's embarassing

  5. Despite the disruption I am sure, no, I know, you had a great time! It is sad that some believe that they are more important than others around them and have no consideration for others.

  6. Kelangan maganda pictures pang post daw sa FB! =)

  7. @ Photo Cache, Grabeng Now that I think about it, I can't help but laugh.

    @ Sheng, She might be - it was just too much to handle.

    @ kg, the Tulips are coming :)

    @ cher, I agree

    @ Jeff, oh yes, I had a wonderful time.

    @ Mumsified, Baka nga pang

  8. Filipina or not, everyone should be mindful of their manners in public places. Poor husband/boyfriend!

  9. I love tulips too. Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam would be the ultimate place for tulips.
    Have a lovely springtime...

  10. I feel the same thing when similar situations like that occur. It's really a matter of respect for others.

  11. i cringe whenever I see a wife/husband or bf/gf who shouts at their partner especially in public places.

  12. Ay naku that is one thing about Pinoys we tend to be very loud in public that usually when there is a commotion you would think siguro mga Pinoy sila. hehehe

    Just chalk it up to yet another funny incident. :D