Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sweet Magnolia

Here, a beautiful story begins...

Magnolia patiently waits...

to ever slowly spread its petals

to catch a glimpse of that warm spring Sun

to breathe sweet fragrance and to unfold

and show off those fairy wing-like petals

eager and ready to take flight

and soar up to the sky

and cover sweet earth with such breathtaking beauty.

Flowers bloom in their own time and so do we.


  1. wooooow :D

    did you take the shots? :D soooo pretty :D

  2. @ Geli, Yes, I took these photos a couple of weeks ago. Thank you.

  3. ang ganda nmng story neto! ;) Yah, "flowers bloom...and so do we." Galing ng shots, ganda! ;)

  4. I have a magnolia tree that I bought almost a decade ago. It's still puny and despite feeding it fertilizer, it's trunk remained the same size and yearly it brings us a few flowers. I was hoping when I purchased that tree that it would soon grow to be the same size as what you featured here. But alas no. I think my tree would remain "punggok".

  5. i think magnolias look magnificent in spring! their blossoms are so huge, it's hard not to stop and admire them. :)

    i see you started shooting them when they were just budding petals! nice job.

  6. they look like cherry blossoms when they're in full bloom,(at least from the picture)...

    i like it; we do bloom in our own timing, like the flowers.

  7. So beautiful. :) I liked how you composed the lines. As lovely as the magnolias. I bet they smell so good. The only chance I was able to smell them was through Marks & Spencer Magnolia shower cream.

  8. @ photo cache, It's been so long since I heard the word "punggok" Maybe your Magnolia tree is a later bloomer :).

    @ faery, yes, they're lovely and i love how they have huge flowers.

    @ artemis, i agree. the magnolias can compete with the cherry blossoms especially at spring time.

    @ lene, thank you. i'm glad you liked

  9. i am drooling over your flower pics kaynie. before it was cherry blossoms, now magnolias! they're beautiful!