Friday, April 2, 2010

Thankful Friday

I was out on sick leave yesterday due to my doctor's appointment. By the way, the check up went well and platelets are up two points, except that my platelets are still in no way at a normal level. But through treatment, healthy living and prayers I will certainly keep getting better. Anyway, I just found out today that we're closing the office early. I couldn't believe it because for the past years, the holy week isn't really a big thing here. I am super excited to jump into writing and finishing my weekly report and head out to do a little shopping and just enjoy the warm, spring weather outside.

This week, I am thankful for:
  • my boss who is so understanding and kind. Working for her is absolutely fun and productive at all times.
  • the blooming Cherry Blossoms and flowers for bringing beauty and tourism to the city and for bringing smile to my face every single time I look at them.
  • my grandmother who survived a recent stroke. She's still in recovery but I'm hoping she'll be up and running in no time. Get well soon, Grandma.
  • the sun and the warm weather that I can finally go out for long walks and hikes
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. indeed, great reasons to be thankful for... glad to hear that your medical check-up went well.

  2. When God is your your strength, everyday is a thank you day!

  3. Get well soon to your grandma. And Happy Easter!

  4. I will continue to pray for your full recovery. :)

    Happy trails and enjoy the sun!

  5. hi Kayni,

    now you've got reason to celebrate. just like you, my recent blood work showed some improvements and it's something I'm very happy about! take care!

  6. Hope you had an awesome break Kayni. Have a happy Easter! :)

  7. have a wonderful easter and may you continue to be in the pink of health, as pink as the cherry blossoms in your neighborhood!

  8. hi kayni! it's nice to know that you love working for your boss. at least not everyone there pisses you off! :)

  9. My boss is nice, too. Hurray to that! I hope your grandma is on to full recovery. Take care!