Thursday, April 22, 2010


Edible or not - I found these toadstools or mushrooms thriving in the Hershey Gardens. Toadstools or mushrooms liven my imagination of elves and fairies. Whenever I see them, I imagine elves sitting on top of  toadstools or pixies taking refuge under its umbrella during one stormy night. I'm excited because with the spring season here, I am looking forward to encounter a few more toadstools, and maybe - just maybe - I'll find a nice, good elf seating on top of it.

Happy Thursday!


  1. i did find a lot of them on my walk last saturday at the park. we had a ton of rain this winter and mushrooms sprout in the middle of a gravel path, imagine that. never got around to snapping them.

    this one though is pretty to photograph.

  2. i've never been to hershey park! and those brown mushrooms look chocolatey! and a bit toasted!

  3. I've seen many of these mushrooms whenever after a thunderstorm. But here, it's only black or while. I've never seen the ones on your pics.

    I've been told some mushrooms could be poisonous, so better to just enjoy it cuteness and relish the imagination.

  4. I love mushrooms! They're one of my favorites!

    Re: Those cherry tomatoes were potted sis. Father-in-law is into gardening and since we don't have a patch of soil, he resorted into potting them. :)

    Lots of love,

  5. @ Photo Cache, I have to hunt for mushrooms here especially those who are worth

    @ Faery, That's what I thought when I saw them, their color reminds of bread fresh from the oven.

    @ Wenny, Thank you for the visit. I agree. It's better to enjoy and photograph them. I have other colorful mushrooms too. I'll post in the future.

    @ Golden, I think they're cute. Thank you for responding, sis.

  6. they do remind you of pixie dust huh? i like the name of that park, hershey!

  7. true... mushrooms remind me of my rich girlhood days and still somehow believe that elves and faries live in or around them. my brothers, big sis and i would climb the mountains surrounding our home just to get mushrooms. my 2nd brother got high with too much mushroom one time and he kept on talking about seeing elves wanting to kill him because he ate their "homes".. i couldn't remember how he got back to his original self, haha...

  8. I can imagine a cute fairy sitting down on one of those toadstools ... or maybe a smurf. :)