Monday, April 19, 2010

Tulip Mug Shots

It wasn't planned, but after seeing the tulips at Hershey, PA last weekend, my friend and I hopped on the car on Saturday and drove back to Hershey to enjoy the tulips for the second time. I am so happy we did because the tulips were more vibrant and stunning. (This time, without the noisy lady.) So many of them are now fully bloomed and some have even taken lovely color variations. Some that were pure white turned out with some lovely lavender hues. As usual, I geared up and took photos until my camera died.

These were pure white before. As if someone with a paint brush decided that they needed a hint of lavender as well.

Purple with fringes.

Reds with yellow.

Reds with white edges.

Purple crown.

Pure white.

Simply red.

To me, they look like candies.

Green to white, or the other way around.

Red but not entirely pink. I can't tell.

Who would have thought that this is a tulip?

These reds have also changed with the yellow showing on their edges.

Simply stunning.

After spending more than three hours with the tulips, we drove to Chocolate world, ate a delicious chocolate cookie with a cup of yummy hot chocolate. Expect more flower themed posts, and I hope it will brighten your spring or summer days ahead.

Gorgeous day to all!


  1. @ Photo Cache, I couldn't help going back.

  2. awww so beautiful!!!! i love seeing tulips :)

  3. your flower pictures always brighten my day! :)

    i must admit though that whenever you mention "hershey", i remember chocolate! :)

  4. oh i love looking at your tulip pictures. it brighten up my day kayni.

  5. i love it Ms. Kayni. I wish i could see them with my naked eye. Maybe someday who knows. :)

  6. @ Ibyang, Thank you.

    @ kg, Whenever I go there, I gotta go to the chocolate

    @ Eds, I'm glad to hear that.

    @ mjmenor, I hope you'll get to see them too.

  7. Wow, these photos a great! Love the macro shots! Great to have such a nice place nearby!

  8. Thanks so much for these beautiful tulips shots! It is indeed a refreshing dose of brightness and really lifts up my spirits. :)

  9. oh, so there really is chocolate there! :)