Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cats Of Puerto Rico

I took these photos during my trip to Puerto Rico earlier this year.  I was enchanted how these readily curious alley cats came out-of-nowhere to play.  We were exhausted from walking, so we took a breather, obliged  and gave them our attention.  I grew up with dogs and there was even a time that we had seven dogs all at once.  Whenever I came home from school, all seven would be running to meet me, jumping, leaving paw prints all over my white blouse, and playfully knocking me down to the ground.  My sister would be so mad because she needed to soak my paw print covered white blouses with Clorox overnight.  I didn't mind the paw prints at all and being the youngest, laundry wasn't part of my duties back then. (I did the dishes (sometimes) and helped my sister wax the floor.)

My dogs were my best buddies.  Whenever I didn't feel well and needed that time to be by myself, my dogs would never let me be (in a good way).  They were there licking my hand, do a paw wave coaxing me to play, nudging my side, or sometimes - just sit quietly beside me assuring that they're there for me. Since I grew up more with dogs, I still consider cats to be mysterious animals.

This one came out first.

Then a second one appeared that looks exactly like the first one.

Playfully posing when I started snapping photos.  These cats kept tourists entertained.

This cat was aloof and a bit mysterious with that toothbrush mustache-looking spot below her nose.

A world on her/his own.

A happy Wednesday to all!


  1. I wish my son could be acquianted with dogs too, otherwise, it's raining cats here where we are. His fascination with a cat made him run his first six steps at ten months.

    Hehe, taga-innaw ka isu idi, reminds me how we share house hold chores then. It could have been too bad I was the eldest isu nga I had more responsibilities as your manang did, but I guess it taught me responsibility and independence...

  2. @ Gremliness, Wen, taga-innawak idi ken taga-floor wax. Do you remember that Johnson red, oily floor wax? My shirt used to be covered with red stains. I think the little Gremlin was cat inspired to

  3. I don't like cats but dogs are love...

  4. I've always wondered what stray cats in other countries look like. lol! Anyway thank you for this..

  5. Nice shots, sis. As much as I want to adopt some furry friends for my baby Jamjam, I can't because it will just aggravate her asthma more. Sigh. You see, Jamjam loves animals. I think she loves to play with them more than with her little cousins. Cats and dogs never fail to fascinate her.

    Lots of love,

  6. Oh Em Gee!!!!

    they are so cute. i love cats!

  7. Nice looking cats. We don't have one but there's a stray cat in the village who likes to take a nap in our lanai.

  8. Love cats and dogs. We've adopted one from SPCA. Our mom doesn't like them but can't stop my dad and sis from bringing home pets.

  9. oh i love cats :) they used to come second after dogs but till i got my late cat i fell in love with them .. now i love cats first and dogs second..

    the orange ones or i think they call them red here .. are so beautiful..wish i could have a cat again but the hubby is allergic.. :(