Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dreaming Of A Perfect Breakfast

Today, I had a rushed breakfast as work couldn't wait. In addition, I was really pissed because my coworker forgot to tell me we have a report due at 9 AM. I was caught off guard, and it was a good thing I got in at 8:40 AM. Now imagine how stressed I felt rushing to finish this document in twenty minutes. My fingers were typing hurriedly as I frantically chewed my bagel and gulped my coffee. (I couldn't postpone breakfast because my tummy was sorely hungry at that time.) Now I realize I ate so fast I couldn't even remember how my bagel tasted; it's a braided honey-pecan bagel - my new favorite. What a mess!

My whole morning was pretty much frantic and stressful, and as I stare at this breakfast I had in San Juan, PR a few months ago, it makes me wonder when will I ever have a good, sit down breakfast and just savor the crisp bacon, great-tasting eggs, and chew my toast properly while I sip and enjoy my coffee.

My report left my inbox at 9:01 AM.  Phew!

I am dreaming of a perfect breakfast...

Happy humid Thursday to all!


  1. So hungry right now :) Breakfast is my fave meal of the day. Btw, love the cats on your blog.

  2. Yay, that was not cool. Your coworker should've also experienced such pressure and we'll see if he can deliver. Glad that you made the report on time. :)

    That's a yummy breakfast. I'm having a breakfast as I'm typing this. ha ha!

    plain rice + hotdog and egg (sunny side up)

  3. your report made it! yay for you :)

    hope your thursday went well even if your morning was kinda hectic.

    maybe you can have a perfect breakfast over the weekend--to make up for your craving :)

  4. just finished our late breakfast of longganisa + sunny side up egg + plain rice and coffee *burp*

    agree with ibyang, just prepare a good breakfast this weekend. good thing you were able to deliver your report on time. :)

  5. oh, perfect breakfast indeed. that is just so delicious looking.

    its a good thing your report made it =) that one thing I don't miss about having regular work - the pressure and cramming!

    i prefer toast and coffee for breakfast but there are times especially when I oversleep that I eat a breakfast like that..

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. I just came back home from a brunch with friends. I had eggs, sausages, hash browns, pancakes and waffles. We ate for almost two hours! I didn't know breakfast could be that good! Weekend is near.. I hope you get the time to eat that perfect breakfast you've been dreaming about. ^^

  7. have a solid breakfast this long weekend complete with newspapers in hand.

    i never really get a good breakfast anymore. i usually eat my pandesal with peanut butter on the commute and on the weekends, we get out of bed around 11 am and have brunch instead.

  8. Glad you were able to finish that impromptu report in time. You certainly deserve a great breakfast after that.

  9. I had a great and heavy breakfast today: Pandesal with butter, sunny side up and a sausage. Hot choco to go with it. It was perfect. But I can only eat this way on weekends when we're not in a hurry =)

  10. nice i love breakfasts :) but only when i am out somewhere.. otherwise i am ok with a cup of coffee to give my usual caffeine boost..

  11. oh that is the perfect breakfast!
    and it's especially yummy if someone makes it for you too. :)

    right now, I'd love to have a benedict omelette smothered in hollandaise sauce though.
    I'd also love to slap your coworker for forgetting to tell you about that report! glad you made it just in the nick of time though. :) xo

  12. nagutom tuloy ako with the photo =)

    for the past few weeks now, Ceasar is raving about Ikea's breakfast : omelet, baked beans, two sausage, and a hashbrown all for the price of 4 dirham. kaya super tipid kami on Fridays =)

  13. oh man, i think i want breakfast too because that was just a droll-worthy photo kayni! i'm just glad you were able to do your report. just treat yourself to a yummy breakfast tomorrow!

  14. Oh wow that breakfast you had in San Juan is quite sinful hehe

    It has been ages since I've had bacon but unfortunately it is part of the foods I steer away from.

  15. Uy, yan ang breakfast ko kanina. I love weekends, I have the luxury to prepare good breakfast.