Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gift Of Time

Mother's Day is coming soon. Since my Mom lives in Hawaii, I prepared a package for her - sweaters, sweets, and other things I know she'll love. If I could, I actually prefer to go home, be with her, spend time at the beach or just take her out to lunch or dinner, but since I am about 11+ hours away (by plane), I think a package and a phone call would suffice for now. How about you? What are you going to do for Mother's Day?

Gifts need not to be expensive (I guess if you can afford it and you want to, then it's ok), but most importantly, any gift must be given wholeheartedly. With my experience, one of the things I found out my Mom loves is the gift of time, and this cannot be contested by even the best satellite internet service providers available out there.

The gift of time is simply finding the time to be with her and this doesn't mean only during Mother's Day. When I was still living in Hawaii, these are a few things my Mom and I love to do:
  • pack some food and head to the beach - sometimes we spend the whole day at the beach just napping and relaxing
  • go shopping or sometimes just window shopping for hours (of course, I do end up with some loot most of the time)
  • go to the movies or watch DVDs at home until our eyes are red tired - look at each other and laugh
  • try out a new restaurant or just buy a bag of hot pandesal and munch inside the car
  • play card games at home
  • we cook together then feast
  • go out for walks (pick up aluminum cans along the way for recycling)
  • watch hula shows at Ala Moana
  • circle the island (you can take a bus in O'ahu that will take you around the island)
  • head to the swap meet (commonly known as flea market in other areas)
How about you?  How do you spend time with your Mom?


  1. i got emotional while reading this. i'll be sending my mom a package today too, like about 7kilos, haha.. there are just so many things i do here for my husband's mom that i never did for my mom. i couldn't remember washing any of her clothes. she'd always say she'd do it. i couldn't remember doing my best perfecting a dish to satisfy her palate...things like that..

    so i just see to it that i call here more than twice a week just to listen to her...

    hugs and kisses to your mom, Kayni!

  2. hi kayni. well, my mom is in Baguio Philippines. I'll ring her and say Happy Mother's Day. And as I'm a mom too, I'm looking forward to being pampered on that day. have a nice day.
    Kristine from The Salad Bowl Mommy formerly Igorot in France.

  3. @ Jehan, Oh I'm sure your Mom will love your package and that she knows your love her to bits. Yes, call her and tell her I said hello. A big hug to you and your Mom.

    @ Kristine, Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom :). It's not easy when our Moms are so faraway.

  4. i also believe that gifts need not be expensive. i actually love receiving hand-crafted gifts! :)

  5. my mom and I have this ultimate bonding trip! what else? FOOD! :)

  6. happy, happy mother's day to all our moms kayni! i don't know if i'll be spending it with my mother goose since i sent her and my aunt a GC to a lovely spa LOL i'm sure she will love that, score, score for me!

  7. I call my mother frequently especially to hear the latest tsismis about our relatives hehe

    Once a week, we go out to have lunch and watch movies (she can watch them free because of her senior citizen card) then go grocery shopping.

  8. Oh I totally forgot, it's almost mother's day. Now, I miss my mother =(

    I don't know if hubby is planning a surprise but a kiss and a greeting from my son and hubby is more than enough .