Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Las Vegas: Venetian

Another hotel and casino I like to visit is the Venetian.  The Venetian has successfully copied a few highlights of Venice, but still, nothing really compares visiting Venice, Italy. Then again, the Venetian has the capability of giving one a glimpse of the "City of Water." Whenever I step into the Venetian, I do get reminded of Venice.

The Venetian's version of the Rialto Bridge

The Venetian hotel greets you with the Grand Canal and gondola rides

An impressive artsy ceiling greets you as you step into the hotel/casino/shopping mall

The shops inside the casino

You can take a gondola ride inside the shopping mall as a singing gondolier takes your mind back to Venice

Come ride with me


I think I'll stay dry even if it rains

If Bellagio has the parasols, the Venetian has umbrellas

Venetian umbrella exhibit

 A shoe made of wires - I thought it was interesting

Venetian's piazza

 Our Mystere tickets - I highly recommend this show

Inside Treasure Island's (TI) theatre - Mystere starts with a lot of laughs and pranks

After watching "Mystere," we stayed to watch TI's "Sirens Cove" show. I don't really recommend this show (it's free and most casinos have free shows to attract customers) because I find it really tacky. It features TI's pirate girls dancing in skimpy outfits accompanied with bad acting, lip syncing and sexual innuendos. I took photos but I can't post them here. The photo above is the blast at the end of the show.

The Venetian illuminated at night

Happy Tuesday to all!


  1. I wonder if Macao followed their Venetian concept from this. hmmm...

  2. @ Eden, I have not visited Macao yet. It would be nice though :).

  3. I have seen this Venice version 2x, I wonder when can I see the original?

  4. looks like the one in macau, only that the grand canal in macau is inside the hotel.

    do you think the shows in casinos in LV suits young children too?

  5. I went there 2 years ago... Nice..
    But I think the Macao one is much bigger from some reason, pero same scentery :)

  6. @ Photo Cache, let's to to Venice :)

    @ kg, let me think if there are kid friendly shows :)

    @ Aline, I hope to see the one in Macao in the future :)

  7. I wanna go to Las Vegas too!!! :D Sana makita ko rin ung original. :D Wish wish wish!

  8. It looks a lot like the one in Macau. I think the colorful umbrellas effect in the Venetian LV is so cute!

    Oh come on why didn't you post those pictures? We are all adults naman here di ba? LOL :D

  9. I agree with the others, these photos remind me of Macao. Well, I've never been there personally but I saw very similar sites in a popular Koren soap. *wink* :)

  10. That looks like Macau's Venetian. We skipped that during my visit though. A must, next time. =)

    Cirque du Soleil is a fantastic show. I even bought a dvd so that I can share it at home.