Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lights Of Old Las Vegas

Why I keep going back to Downtown Las Vegas or Old Las Vegas is because of the homey "feeling" I get whenever I visit there.  Maybe it's also because I know a lot of people from Hawaii stay in the hotels Downtown, or maybe it's because all my previous trips I managed to stay in one of those iconic Downtown hotels.  Nevertheless, I love how Downtown Las Vegas lits up every night and never fails to mesmerize me. Below are photos of known Downtown casinos and hotels.  Some of them you might recognize in movies you've seen in the past.

Enjoy the lights of Old Las Vegas!

I have stayed here once - Fitzgeralds.

Crowd builds up especially at night.

The famous cowboy of Downtown Las Vegas.

Glitter Gulch

Fremont Casino

Where World Series Poker was born.

The Fremont sign.

Mom and I stayed here about ten years ago.

California Hotel/Casino's Buddha - Rub my tummy for luck!


  1. love those photos =) i wanna visit vegas someday and give those casinos a try..

  2. @ibyang, i'm glad you enjoyed the photos :)

    @ lui, definitely, the casinos are fun to try.

  3. I never got to see these hotel casinos. I only saw those in the strip. I must agree, they give a more homey feeling, and I like it better than those super big hotels. :)

  4. Just like Lui, I wanna try those casinos one day. Who knows I might get lucky. LOL!

  5. kakatuwa namang itong mga pictures mo. pero parang magastos yata sa kuryente ^^;

  6. The lights of Vegas must be really eye catching. Great shots!