Pennsylvania Crime

Written by Caley Wanana

As a citizen of the state of Pennsylvania, it has been my experience that crime is not one of the larger concerns of people in this state. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state filled with many opportunities. Beautiful regions divide the areas, and we have mountain ranges that diversify the climate. Whether you live in the rural, suburban, or urban areas of Pennsylvania, you will find that crime is not one of the highlights of the state. Obviously, people take precautions to prevent crime, but statistics in the state are below the national average. Naturally, most people want to feel safe, so they may take these precautions, not out of necessity, but out of concern. For example, I always lock my doors during the day and at night. Recently, I bought a very large watch dog that stays in the house. Windows are checked before bed, and before I leave my house. I have also gone to the extreme of having ADT in Pennsylvania install a home alarm system. Again, it was not installed for necessity but just for peace of mind. Pennsylvania is a wonderful state full of beautiful scenery and people. The different regions may have different crime rates, but no matter where you choose to be in Pennsylvania, crime is not a concern for most, but some people do take precautions.