Monday, May 17, 2010

Strawberry Sweetness

This recent weekend, PW and I went to a nearby farm to pick some strawberries.  The weekend came with perfect weather, lots of fun, and abundance of strawberries.

The strawberry rows with other strawberry pickers.

Showing off my favorite picks.

The experience was priceless.

I enjoyed peeking through rows and rows of strawberries.

It was a delight to see a bunch of ripe strawberries just waiting to be picked.

Green or red?

We made sure we picked only the ripe ones.

The lone red.

Some of them went straight to my mouth.

They glow underneath the sun.

These ones ended in my basket.

Nothing really beats the sweetness of fresh strawberries.  This experience surely reminded me of my strawberry picking days in Benguet.

A strawberry Monday to everyone!


  1. I love the photos and the narration. It sounds like you had fun picking strawberries. Keep up the great blog, your entries brighten my day. What are you gonna do with all those strawberries?

  2. gusto ko tuloy bumalik sa baguio... i mean, that's the closest experience i could have in picking strwaberries e. hehehe.

    nice experience, and oh, beautiful pics!

  3. I love picking fruits and berries at local farms. We usually go at the end of the month. I would love some sweet stawberries right now.

  4. those strawberries you were holding are so big! gosh, ngayon lang ako nakakita ng ganyan.

    i would love to go strawberry picking! i guess baguio is the nearesty one.

  5. waaaaaaaahhh Kayni!!!! i'm actually craving for strawberries and water melon.. but can't seem to see strawberries lately, even at the big supermarket.. good thing water melons are starting to flood the markets..

  6. Wow... i love your photos! It made me crave for strawberries! :D Super nice red colors. :)

  7. Reminds me of La Trinidad's strawberry farms =) It made me hope though that La Trinidad's photos would have trees at the background too =)

  8. Wow sarap naman! It has been ages since I've had some strawberries!

  9. When I saw the photos, I had no doubt this reminded a part of your life in the Philippines. I feel like picking some strawberries now so I can dip them in a melted white toblerone.

  10. Ang sarap nmn ng mga strawberries na ang lalaki ah!I agree w/ kg, ngayon lng din ako nkakita ng ganyan kalalaking strawberries!looks juicy huh! :) Nice pics kayni! :)

  11. Same here, your post remind me of the strawberry farm in La Trinidad. And strawberry shakes too! Yummy! :)

    So, what recipes in mind would you like to do?

  12. i want to do that---strawberry pick. i love strawberries :)

    happy week!

  13. the strawberries look so delecious.. your pictures made me crave.. :)

  14. i did strawberry picking just 2 weeks ago in San Diego. It was my first time, and it was surprisingly enjoying! It took me around 3 hours to fill my bucket. I only get the perfect strawberries. :)

    your photos are gods compared with mine. haha.

  15. Those strawberries look sweet and luscious. That must have been a fun and rewarding experience.

  16. gosh those are yummylicious pictures of strawberries... craving for some now!!!

    that means your weather there has been much better than here.. our strawberry farms still don't have any at all