Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Colonial Williamsburg Characters

For a historian like me, walking with and seeing historical characters alive and in action adds excitement to my day. (I know it's not the same for someone who doesn't like history.) Seeing them is exciting and how much more to seeing them giving a speech based on what happened on that specific day in history. I think that through re-enactment, learning history can be so much fun.

The marching band prepares at Revolutionary City.

He leads.

The drummers.

The auction begins at 1 PM.

I wanted that tea set, but the auction started a bit expensive. Nothing bad with taking home just the photo.

George Washington speaks of the issues of the day. (Audience are allowed to asked questions, and the actor must answer questions based on what was going on that certain day in history.)

Cooking the colonial way.

The peanut butter cookies were delicious.

The shoemaker's wife.

Is he going to work or at work already?

Actor interacting with park visitors.

A wonderful Tuesday to all!


  1. a place worth visiting. i like their clothing. i wonder if they have a store inside the park that sells this turn of the century frock. i would love to have one in my wardrobe :)

  2. @ Photo Cache, They actually have stores in the park selling clothes. Also, you can rent such clothes and wear them for the day as you explore the park.

    @ Kate, The cookies there were delicious :).

  3. wow! i love your pictures kayni.

    and korek! if you cannot bring home that tea set then pictures will do. hehehe

  4. @ Eds, The tea set was so nice, but the bidding started too high. At least, I have a photo of the pretty set...lol.

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  6. lovely shots :) Love the the tea set as well :)

  7. thanks for visiting, think you know a little bit ilocano!!!

  8. Great photos. I haven't been there since I was a child...you make me want to plan a return trip!

  9. nice tea set indeed!

    this reminds me of the medieval market i have been to once here - it's so nice, they wear the clothes and talk like they did in the mediaval times and you are in that town square which really existed and still exists ! amazing - so authentic it gives you the chills

  10. I went to Colonial Williamsburg a few years ago, it was somewhere I always wanted to go. I got to sit on a jury, it was so fun!

    (what would jen do)

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