Crime in Central New Jersey

The block that we live on is in a good neighborhood, but it is not a place to leave your doors unlocked when you go to bed. Common sense is one of the best ways to help keep yourself safe. If you go out, even just for 10 minutes to run down to the corner, lock your doors. You don't want to invite trouble into your home. If someone is going to get in your house, make them have to work at it.

We have security doors on our two exterior doors. They are great and they truly make us feel very safe. They are not expensive and they give us peace of mind and a very secure feeling. They have improved the looks of security doors, so they don't stick out like a sore thumb like the older model doors.

We also have a dog, and she is a good watch dog. If she hears something, she will bark. If you don't have a dog and don't plan to get one, you can make your home look like a dog lives there. Put a big dog bowl by your door and put the name "Rufus" on it and people will think you have a big dog someplace in that house.

When you go away for the evening, leave some lights on. You can even use timers for this. Also, consider leaving a radio playing. Anyone approaching your home would believe someone is inside and they will move on to another home. These are all great home safety tips for protecting yourself from crime in central New Jersey.

Thanks, Jeff Anchor for the informative post!


  1. Thanks for these wonderful tips!

  2. that's clever Kayni :) but yes use the "common-sense" or else..happy friday to you :)


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