Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Everything has turned green in my area and wildlife abounds. I took these photos a couple of weekends ago, when my friend and I were out enjoying the park.

Feathered friends kept the lake busy.

There were two of them, but I only managed to take a photo of one. I think they were building a nest.

A baby turtle, who probably can't wait to explore the vastness of the lake.

Wildflowers in bloom.

A snake sunbathing and didn't even budge when I took this photo.

A peaceful view.


Look beyond or through the bushes and you could see wildlife.

Turtles on a log.

A family out for a swim.

A family out for a hike.


  1. that's such a lovely place kayni :)
    i love being in those kind of places, nakaka-relax.

  2. I almost shrieked at the snake =)

    Please enjoy the greens for me too ...

  3. @ Eya, Me too. Thank you for visiting.

    @ Ibyang, I agree. I usually go there to relax :).

    @ Gremliness, I was actually scared taking the photo :).

  4. Whoa that was really brave of you to take a picture of a snake!

    Lovely place though snake et al :D

  5. wow, wonderful nature! I love every photo! the snake the snake!

  6. Wow, you spotted a snake!

    Lovely photos of nature.

  7. i can only *sigh* at those pics.. they're just lovely!

  8. lovely pictures kayni... but i almost jumped out of my seat when i saw the snake!