Horses And Cats

Apart from exploring the historical park (Colonial Williamsburg), we encountered animals within and outside the park. It's been so long since I was this close to a horse (photos below).  I've forgotten how majestic horses look like at a close encounter. I mean, I see horses when we're on the road, but just a passing glance; this time, I took the time to observe and feel their presence.

A black beauty.

Enjoying sun and grass.

A quick glance.

This cat ignored and walked past us.

A cat crossing the road - perhaps on her way home.

Happy Thursday!


  1. love the header. just cant remember what those flowers are called.

    cats are really funny, they are kinda snobbish.

  2. I love horses and cats. I would love to have horses but it is a little scary for me. I did not grow up around them.
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  3. i'm a new follower! and totally love animals :-) great pics!



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  5. I am not so much into horses. I hate their smell. Those cats are so chubby!

    Lots of love,

  6. New follower from FFF - love the horse pictures! They're my fave animal.

  7. amazing photos! i checked out the photos of the parade and love it! by the way, do you speak FILIPINO?

    happy FFF :)

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  9. I'm following you back! Your blog is great--I love the photos and I am jealous that you visited Colonial Williamsburg. I love it there!

  10. Beautiful animal menagerie!

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  11. I love this, Kayni! Just stopping and watching beautiful animals is so calming and relaxing. Something I love to do too.

  12. Love horses and cats around here! Great pictures-

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