Splash Zone

Great guest post by Beth Nagle

For a day trip the other day our entire family went to Splash Zone which is our local water park. I loaded up sunscreen, towels, and toys for the kids. We set the home security alarm Click Here and got the kids in the car to go to the park. We got there in about five minutes. It was such a quick drive.

The water park has a small area for the kids to play in that they can touch. It has two little slides for them. It also had a large palm tree that water was spraying out of from every direction. They loved to just stand under it and let it hit their heads. The lazy river was the family's favorite. We could all float down the river on rafts together. It just keeps going around in a circle so you don't have to get off of it unless you are done. We spent a lot of time just relaxing and talking as we went down the river. They also have two big slides. They were too big for our youngest daughter, but the older one loved them. She talked daddy into taking her down several times. It was a great family day at Splash Zone for us.