Watching Yankees Baseball

Thanks to guest blogger Sharon Sullivan.

I love baseball season because it lasts a while, and it gets you in the mood for the great weather. There is nothing better than watching the opening game for baseball. I am so glad I can watch all my games on satellite tv. I recently moved to California and found some great Directv Sacramento deals. You know it is Spring time when the first game starts. It is such an exciting sport to watch, as you root for your own team. I especially like the Yankees. They have been my favorite team since I was a little girl. I never got to see the real game in person, but watching it on television has become a family tradition. The 2009 World Series was like a family party. It was quite funny because half of the family are Yankee fans and the other half are Phillies fans. Luckily, our Yankees won, as it made me very happy. It was actually their 27th title, and I hope many more to come.