Sunday, June 6, 2010

Williamsburg Flowers

I love flowers. 

Plate size white magnolia.

Bee on the job.

Whenever I see these, they remind me of buttons.

I don't know the name of these flowers but...

this is how they look like when they're in full bloom.

Promegranate flowers.

A flower wearing a bonnet.

Another one with a pointy hat.


  1. These are cool pictures you got. Thanks Kayni!

  2. Beautiful! These creations would be more than a gem should they grow in the UAE.

  3. I have never seen those flowers with hats before, how gorgeous.

  4. wow, the pomegranate flowers are so beautiful :) have not seen them all.. did you see them in a special park?

  5. great photos as always! you're so lucky to have capture such beautiful flowers.

  6. kayni, sa malamig lang ba sila pwede? ang ganda ng magnolia!

  7. whew....veryyy nice shots...keep em up! bulaklak!1! hehe

  8. @ Anonymous, Thank you.

    @ Jo(e), Thanks.

    @ Wits, I'm really starting to fall-in-love with flowers.

    @ Photo Cache, It was my first time too. I've been trying to find out what are they called.

    @ Toni, These photos were taken at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. It is a living historical park.

    @ Ibyang, Thank you.

    @ Dyanie, I've been wondering the same thing. I'm not so sure if they can thrive in tropical places.

    @ Sendo, Thank you :).

  9. so beautiful. you're so lucky to see them in real. and your pictures made my day a little bit lighter. thanks for sharing them to us.

  10. Pictures of flowers make me oh so happy! I love this set, sarap sa mata!

  11. These are beautiful flowers! Just like your header. Love it! =)