Friday, July 2, 2010

Bel Tramonto

Earlier this week, I was browsing through old photographs and came across these sunset shots. These were taken during my last week in Rome; it was the end of my study abroad school-year. As a study abroad student in Italy, my life was truly enriched experiencing and witnessing the Italian way-of-life. Rome is a bustling city yet still embodies the true and vibrant Italian charm. All photos below were taken at the Villa Borghese overlooking Piazza del Popolo.  

Bel tramonto means beautiful sunset.

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!


  1. Bel tramonto... I love how that sounds, so beautiful, just like the sunset it pertains to.

    I hope I can visit Italy in this lifetime.

  2. you went up the piazza? those are nice shots kayni! must be around 830 pm when you took those shots. :)

  3. wow, beautiful sunsets! and Rome is such really a flat city though it's called the place of seven hills?

  4. that must have been a wonderful time in rome - have you read the book eat pray love ? she talks about her life in rome there ... i am reading it at the moment that's why..

    i love italy but the countryside and the wine region more.. so beautiful..

  5. wow you're so lucky to have studied abroad...and Rome at that!

    love the sunset photos :)

  6. Good Morning!

    What beautiful photos! I left a little something for you on my latest post. Hope you have a great week! Candace