Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gettysburg Civil War Reenactment

This year, my wish to see the Annual Gettysburg Civil War Battle Reenactment finally came true. For the July 4th weekend, we packed two lawn chairs, bottles of  water and snacks then headed to the Gettysburg National Military Park. It was so humid and hot that day, but the excitement to watch the reenactment kept us excited and kept the heat stroke at bay.

Since the reenactment doesn't happen until 1 PM, we busied ourselves by visiting the reenactors' tents, the specialty stores that sells all types of civil war memorabilia and genuine collectors' items, drank lemonade, and listened to Gen. Lee's speeches and other notable civil war players.

As I stood that day where the bloodiest battle in American history happened, history became alive.

Happy Thursday!


  1. where is this???

    i remember visiting something like this in virginia. the place where everyone's dressed up like this and tour you around. (damn, forgot the name)

    i hope you had fun :D

  2. can you imagine the pile of laundry they had with those huge dresses? hehe.

  3. @ Geli, this took place at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. you might have visited Williamsburg, VA.

    @ Faery, goodness, that's a lot of laundry. also, it must have been uncomfortable wearing those during the summer when it's hot and humid.

  4. I have never seen this either. I have a brother in law that is an actor in the one they do in S.C every year. I bet it would be something to see.

  5. i want to watch something like this. it must be fun to see "actors" portraying characters from way back and showing us "history."

  6. I would love to visit there someday. Great photos!

    Have a happy weekend,

  7. i love period movies, but it must be awesome to see a reenactment with your own eyes. :)