Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Inn At Kitchen Kettle Village

I usually cover Hershey, PA very well, so I'll start with where we stayed at Intercourse, PA. The picturesque town of Intercourse is surrounded by beautiful Amish farms and homes. Most of all, I love the town's abundance of specialty shops; they sell all sorts of handcrafted Amish products to homemade jams and pickles. For our overnight stay, we chose to stay at the The Inn which is in the Kitchen Kettle Village. The decision to visit Intercourse was out of a whim and curiosity. We made our reservations online the night before our road trip, and I'm so glad we did.

we stayed in a room located on Strawberry Street - a quick access to shops and a beautiful view of the nearby farms

the front door

the homey room

TV and a dresser

beautiful handcrafted quilt that adorned the bed

i heard that each room has a different Amish crafted quilt

extra pillows or if you need to iron your clothes

kitchen with fridge and microwave

welcome gifts - chocolates, cherry jam, crackers, and coffee mugs - including a card signed by the owners and hotel employees

a well stocked coffee and tea area

a nice bathroom

and essential bathroom supplies

The room at The Inn really made us feel at home. It was very clean, well organized and the location is perfect. Our room was definitely a home away from home. It's location is superb as it is in the middle of shops, cafes, and restaurants, but since everything closes at 6 PM, we were not deprived of a quiet and relaxing sleep at night. We've already decided that we'll visit Intercourse in the near future and will definitely stay at The Inn again.


  1. that's a very nice place to stay. i'm ogling the quilt, i'm a sucker for quilts.

    how did the city get its name and does it not want to change it?

  2. @ Photo Cache, Me too, I love quilts but they're so expensive. I'll do a post on where the town got its name.

  3. what a quaint place to stay at! you really feel the country vibe in that inn!

  4. Intercourse, Strawberry Street... what fun names! :)

    Wow! The people behind The Inn surely treated you like the royals. Good for you. Enjoy your stay hun.

    Lots of love,

  5. i love the room kayni! even from the outside, it looks so homey and cute already!

  6. The names are so... simple. :) Perhaps it reflects the kind of living there? Anyway, you got yourself a nice, comfy room. :)

  7. The quilt is lovely. I like the personal touch from the owner and staff.

  8. that's what's nice about inns, no? they're way more homey than hotels. the look and feel is warmer, too.

    i saw the other Intercourse pictures at FB, by the way, and you look happy, kayni. i'm truly glad for you. :)