Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Seafood Feast

Bear took me to Red Lobster this recent weekend. He was brandishing his $50 gift card award from work, so off we went to have a feast. Thank you, Bear.

This is Red Lobster's Ultimate Feast. It's absolutely filling and for someone who indulges in crab or lobster once or twice a year, this plate is simply gorgeous. I love the steamed snow crab legs, garlic shrimp scampi (a favorite) and Walt's favorite shrimp. My only complaint is that I found the split Maine lobster tail too salty.

The meal was great, but I think I can only manage to indulge with this huge serving once a year. It was just too much food for one meal.


  1. I'm not really a big fan of chain restaurants, but I love Red Lobster. I just haven't been there in years :D

  2. wow! sarap!!!!

    i have yet to try lobsters. how different is it from crabs, or alimasag, in terms of taste?

  3. I love seafoods too, KG, punta na dito sa Gensan! Dali!

  4. Awan dayta nga long - legged/ spider crabs ijay ayan tayo =)

    The platter do look great, however after seeing those spider crabs in one of the acquariums here, I think I'll only settle to feast on them visually...

  5. Kamusta na? Hope all is well with you. Thanks for joining my blog giveaway contest. I just wanted to ask for your address so that I could send you your prize ;-)


  6. yum.. no too much crabs, fish and shrimps for me! i could eat them .. so seldom i get a chance :(